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Is MAME or MKAK better for playing UMK3?


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i use a pc controller i calibarate it first and then config it then play
sorry for double post
Okay thanks...

Getting my PS4 controller to work for the game is where I'm struggling. I was told I need to install a driver, but I have no idea what it is. I guess I'll do some Googling.


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I thought of doing the same idea but forgot how to go about it, I bet those guys can can offer more insight perhaps. Is there a version of MAME that's better and does having a desktop or laptop matter/make a difference at all? I remember looking at the UMK3 roms when I was hacking my SNES, there's a way to add any version of MK on there but the arcade versions are tougher so I gave up.


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Anyone have any idea where I can download the latest MAME to try and jump back on this? (it's been about seven years for me so I don't recall)