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Is it possible that MK11 isn't at EVO because WB wants to control the eSports scene?


(By the way, I'm not saying this IS the case, I'm saying COULD this be the case? Also, I'm not saying NRS wants this but rather WB specifically.)

I was thinking about Overwatch, Rainbow Six: Siege, and pretty much any eSports game owned by a giant company and it got me thinking; all of companies that own these games like Blizzard and Ubisoft pretty much control their own respective eSports scenes with things like the Overwatch League, R6 Invitational, and more (at least to my understanding). These companies can pretty much take all of the eSports profits from major events just for themselves and can also 2-in-1 combo the events as not only a tournament but a mini-marketing campaign with important announces for the the game along with advertisements slapped on everything.

Recently it seems NRS is going all in on Final Kombat. With special appearances from Todd McFarlane, Keith David, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, and not to mention the Spawn gameplay reveal, first Red Band trailer for the new MK animated movie, and "more" they aren't talking about right now. And remember that WB did the big Reveal Event for MK11 so we know they are willing to drop $$$ for the game, plus they said they wanted to support the game for years and even before we saw gameplay retailers were talking about how it was more eSports focused at whatnot.

So is it possible that MK11 isn't at EVO because WB would rather start investing in their own eSport majors? For total control over these events and more marketing?


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It's possible. I think it's unlikely to be the sole reason why MK11 isn't at EVO, but it could be part of it.


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It's more likely because the fanbase itself is lukewarm about the game and tournament entry numbers have been freefalling the last few months. It's wack that they replaced it with an 8-man invitational tho


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Freefalling is a strong word but the word is that turnout is shrinking. It might be worth looking at the numbers myself tho tbh
@CrimsonShadow It seems like the past few American tournaments were Summer Jam 13, ECT 2019, DreamHack Atlanta 2019, and NEC 2019. Crimson, it seemed like you were pulling in numbers for these earlier in that strange Truth behind the Truth thread, do you have a link to where you were getting them from? I can help pull them quick if you don't have them handy.

Edit: Nevermind, you already made a post about it, thanks!

It's probably a good idea to compare the numbers both to the other games at the tournament, to see where MK fits in compared to other games, and also look at prior years to see how NRS or MK games fared in the past.


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It's more likely because the fanbase itself is lukewarm about the game and tournament entry numbers have been freefalling the last few months.
We had the most entrants of any game at ECT (which is a Capcom Pro Tour event) in October and the second-biggest at NEC in December.

As of now we are one of the FGC's most-attended titles and that hasn't changed.


Can a mod please close this thread? We already have one going on where we can discuss why MK11 isn’t at Evo this year. Plain and simple guys, the content has been demonetized. There’s nothing to see here, let’s just all try and rub MK Trilogy as a side tournament at Evo. Let’s take the bull by the horns.