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Iron Galaxy demonstrates Shadow Jago!


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In case you missed it, the Killer Instinct Twitch channel showcased a live demonstration of the new and improved Shadow Jago, and also provided a firsthand look at the revised user interface (UI) for the game, including changes to the Lockout aesthetics and added labels to the bars and side-notes. And did I mention a sneak-peek at a Season 3 mechanic?!

But what is perhaps most noteworthy of all is how Iron Galaxy expanded upon the existence of Shadow Jago's Ultimate (he remains the only character to have an Ultimate finisher BTW). But rather than spoil it for you, why don't I let you see for yourself?!

Here is the YouTube video.

If you already own the Shadow Jago skin from the Xbox Live Day One Gold program, or from the Shadow Jago Community Bundle, you're good to go this Friday. If not, he will be open for purchase again on December 18th - January 15th...price has yet to be decided. Once that time comes, you better act fast because there's no promise that he will be available again.

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