Introducing TYM's First Podcast with STORMS, King Khrystopher and HellblazerHawkman

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By HellblazerHawkman on Feb 12, 2019 at 11:08 AM
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    So in the vein of "trying to do more original content", myself, @STORMS and @KingKhrystopher recorded a sort of impromptu podcast. In this experiment, we cover a plethora of topics you'd expect to see in a podcast from people in the NRS community.


    And those topics are:
    - Introductions, talking about how we got into the NRS scene/FGC
    - General MK11 thoughts on the release schedule and hopes for the game
    - Players to lookout for in the upcoming MK11 season

    Just a few notes to address before you give it a listen:
    -None of us are professional podcast people. So just bear that in mind while listening to this first episode, we aren't going to sound like people who've done radio for a decade.
    - Being that this is a first episode, nothing is really set in stone just yet. No clue as to who will be on, how often this will come out, what kind of structure will be in the show moving forward.
    - Suggestions are welcome! As long as it's something we can do something with, and not just "@HellblazerHawkman talks like a butt", anything is welcome

    So yeah, I think that's everything. Give it a listen, let us know what you think, and we'll hopefully make this a regular thing. Posted below:
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    1. JBeezYBabY
      OOOOOOO imma take a listen on my break :)
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    2. Braindead
      An instant feedback:
      The intro is VERY annoying lol. Lower the sound volume of the intro to like 50% of the current one.

      Edit: More feedback
      - HellBlazer and KK you guys should get better mics. Storms' voice is clear.
      - I liked the discussions. Would be cool for this to become a regular thing
      Last edited: Feb 12, 2019 at 11:40 AM
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    3. NothingPersonal
    4. SaSSolino
      Uh, so that's where the Q&A ended up!
    5. HellblazerHawkman
      Yeah, when I say this was impromptu, we just kind of went for it without making sure everyone was settled. Myself at least, I should have a better mic for future ones
    6. VSC_Supreme
      The first one is always the most awkward. There's some really good potential here for shedding light on the competitive history of the MK scene that a lot of people are unaware of.

      My one suggestion for improvement is to answer the damn questions for the AMA thread :mad::mad::mad:
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    7. Indecisive
      If you keep it up please have different people on the cast if invite people once a week. We have heard the same people so many times as guests on previous podcasts. Get someone new please.
    8. HeavyNorse
      *presses play*

      *loud screeching sound happens*

      ... Aaand I'm deaf.
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    9. Evil Canadian
      Evil Canadian
      make the screeching even louder so you can root out the weak imo only the strong should be able to listen to the podcast.
    10. HeavyNorse
      Listening to it now, and I think it's cool you guys are doing a podcast like this! But you need some better mics. There's been a few times where I can't hear what is being said because of voice distortion.

      Just got to the Kira talk now. :p
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    11. Blackaspitch
      You guys should ask musicians here on TYM to submit music for your intro.
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    12. STB Sgt Reed
      STB Sgt Reed
      Came here specifically to like the "@HellblazerHawkman talks like a butt. :Doge " comment, but... it was nowhere to be found.

      For fuck's sake.
    13. STORMS
      Yeah, I agree on this. I just lowered that volume for whatever comes next. I wanted something original/unique so I ended up with that. I'm sure it will be refined over time.

      We literally decided just a few days ago; "hey's let's do this. Can you guys be on during this time for a call?"

      You want drama? I apparently don't believe that PL dominated during MK9... lmao. I totally forgot to mention him, but I plan to discuss this soon.

      The AMA thread? Nope. I have other plans for that. Hold tight. I have a busy house w/ kids, etc so finding the time to record, etc is tricky for me.

      I plan to do this soon. I wanted to do it today, but I wasn't able to. I am looking forward to it though.

      Yep. I plan on it. Again, we're SUPER new to this, but since starting it I believe we're all excited about it.

      Sorry... lol.

      Got it!

      I'm on a pro mic. @KingKhrystopher and @HellblazerHawkman were on their phones. However, it is possibly something to consider down the road. I do not think they sounded bad. There were VERY few times where it was difficult to make out.

      Also, I could probably talk about MK: Deception for hours, easily.

      That's an awesome suggestion and idea. If they did, I would credit them in the Podcast via YouTube. However, perhaps that's something for down the road.


      THANK YOU ALL FOR LISTENING AND THE SUPPORT!!! Thanks for the feedback as well.
    14. NothingPersonal
      I believe so too. PL was highly overrated.
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    15. ImperatrixSindel
      Very cool, guys! Looking forward to seeing how this develops.
    16. Gerchap
      Great stuff guys and thanks for the mention @STORMS even tho the 3D era isn’t popular right now that is pretty much our DNA, the beginning of this great MK community. Do this a regular thing bro
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    17. MKF30
      I remember MKE.
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    18. Espio
      The length is good especially for an introductory take, guests would also be good. There's such a large pool to draw from as well with high and mid level players that you could definitely get a nice mixture of fresh and classic to take part.
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