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Interview with OBS Rattlehead from People Playing Games


Confused Thanagarian
News Editor
Mike Andronico from People Playing Games, a podcast series featuring interviews with pro gamers from a ton of different scenes, recently interviewed @OBS|KH Rattlehead about his experience as a musician and a blind gamer in the FGC.

If you haven't heard about Rattlehead from your travels around the NRS scene, he's a pretty friendly guy (at least from everything I've seen). And if you have a disability, or know somebody with one, this is a great listen to see how you can still do what you want to do without letting that stop you. Even if you don't, it's a great interview with two pretty chill dudes, the Soundcloud and iTunes links will be posted below:



OBS|KH Rattlehead

real life Kenshi of the MK community.
Whoa! Thanks for sharing the interview! Shout outs to Mike for reaching out to do this. I'm no pro player, but I enjoy NRS games like you guys. I usually forget that I'm blind, unless something or someone reminds me lol.

Oh and yes, I'm friendly. :p I enjoy meeting new people all the time. I'm shy at first though lol. I'll be at ComboBreaker this year as well. Can't wait!