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  1. Let's think about it another way: corner escape is the a thing to zoners to create distance in case they're trapped by rush down. Are you anti zoning zealots or rush down fools?
    I'd like to keep interactables the current way it is. Just allow the loser of each match to pick the stage. Corner escape is not in every corner of every stage, it is still possible to be trapped in the corner forever
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  2. IrishMantis

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    Or how about you don't lose the Neutral game and put yourself in a corne?
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  3. How can Poison Ivy or Joker win the neutral game vs Flash or Catwoman?
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  4. Cursa

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    Isn't that more of a character problem? Or a bad MU?
  5. KingHippo

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    I think some are a little eye-rolling, but they will never go away, not if you want a pot bonus.
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    I agree that those corner ones get annoying, and hitbox unpredictabilities are never fun but...

    NRS games have always added more options for the player in the bad position. More options to get back to neutral once you lose it. Delayed Get up, escape interactables, invincible wakeups, push block, the addition of armor, air escape, all of these things are options someone has once they lost the neutral game. Sure we can lose interactables, but like all those other options they can make the game deeper if balanced and truly having a counter play. The problem arises when you make the read and get no reward, especially at a game mechanic level instead of just a character one. NRS improves on these things every time as far as I can tell.

    I'm really glad we're having this conversation, hopefully they take notice and put some more thought into it for the future, whether it be patching inj2 or the next game they make. They've definitely done that with tons of other game mechanics so I'm assuming that will continue.
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  7. My point is: if a rushdown character can have a way to trap other characters in the corner forever, there should be an option for some of them to escape, that why we need some corner interactables in some sides of some stages. Currently I am fine with that. FYI, I main Green Lantern and Black Adam. They only have semi-invincible wakeups and can't use corner escape at all.
    I remember when everyone plays MKX, people used to complain so much about how rushdown dominated the game, zoning is barely viable. And now you want to remove corner escape? Seriously?
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  8. Roy Arkon

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    Actually Zoning in MKX is viable but yes MKX is still focused more on Rushdown, so yes that's another great reason to keep the corner-escape interactables, as it's still gonna be focused mainly on Rushdown regardless.
  9. Cursa

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    I spent way too long trying to put together all my thoughts on this comment but I've tried my darn bestest.

    There's already options to get yourself out of a corner. Obviously they are either risky, such as disrespecting frames or trying to jump out, or cost a resource, such as push block or MB roll, but that's the price you pay for getting cornered in the first place. Not uncommon to see either of the MB tools used to get out of a corner by nearly every character, not just zoners. No one wants to be cornered by Flash, I'm willing to spend bar in order to not die. That's not even including tools which characters might have unique to themselves, such as Bane with his armour etc etc.

    I don't think corner escapes aren't bad as a whole. I don't think I said remove corner interactables, but if I did, then I probably wasn't thinking when I posted it. The ones I do have a problem with are ones which are just "get out of jail free" cards, some of which can be used an infinite amount of times. 1 time use ones aren't too bad in my opinion because then if you get them again it's time to play your game, but infinite plus on block dive kicks that are hard to punish and can be armoured for a bar anyway are just way too free imo, and are especially jarring in some matchups imo.

    Rushdown characters have the ability to trap someone in a corner "forever" usually at the cost of being completely useless at fullscreen, where they might be trapped forever. They've been playing the zoning game and losing for 80% of the game, now they get to play their game for 20%.
  10. Or kill SZ? Please?!
    Till this day, I wake up screaming after playing against MKX Sub Zero.
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  11. To back up my opinion, this game also have interactables that allow almost fullscreen jump ins. Some of them have invincible at start up, rushdown characters can actually dodge one projectile then get in with them. The biggest risk is like one small damage projectile and being sent full screen away. The reward can be a full combo
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  12. Cursa

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    So basically the same problem rushdown characters have with corner escapes, from what I understand.

    In which case both probably need to be changed then. One is a free way out, one is a free way in. Or at least as free as can be for a meter less option.
  13. Tanno

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    Interactables are for almost everything. Protection, zoning, combos and escape. They're not at fault when someone doesn't think of taking advantage of them, when something from any character's powers do not work at all. Raiden, Ermac, Scorpion, Jason and Takeda are characters that have the ability of the teleport, so why would they need the interactables at all? Those who have air escape, like Kitana and Raiden, have a way to get out without using teleports and interactables. What of those who have no teleport, no air escape, etc abilities, like Jax and Johnny? They would need Interactables to compensate for this. IMO, it'd be a nightmare without interactables. I like seeing and using new stuff, like the Interactables in MKX, to improve my fighting gameplay there.

    MKX has everything, and would have been the best fighting game, if some people, like Paulo, in NRS were seriously smacking their heads on their offices into learning of how to properly balance and fix everything. ASW is the best company regarding the balance (GG, Dragonball, etc). Thanks to this mess INJ2 and MKX were in, I don't know if I'll have to take them seriously. NRS need to take us seriously and listen to what we might have found and what would improve the balance game. Thanks to what happened there, we learned NRS's "Taketh and Giveth" mind game, and this is why almost everyone stopped suggesting buffs and nerfs, because we know that they're up to no good.
  14. just_2swift

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    Nrs loves to add things to destroy the neutral. We need our classic boots on the ground mk not no call of duty advanced warfare. Catch my drift?
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  15. Cursa

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    I want my Ferra/Torr to have a stage where he can put on a jetpack though.
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  16. CmC_HAt

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    if you dont like interactuables you never play mileena piercing in kuatan jungle (mkx)
    look , strategy : zoning near the mid screen interactuable wall, low sai, high sai, etc, when the oponet get closer, meterburned interactuable BOOOM STAMP!!!!!! and once again , jajajajjaa, so ridiculous

    sorry my english.!! :)
  17. Marinjuana

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    You can't be like "oh we need it for balance" when it's not on every stage. Do we only need it it some of the time?
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    Yeah you have Wrestler Jax on your mood chooser, don’t even blame you
  19. haketh

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    Big fan of intereactables, I do think though MG use should not get three hits of armor. I find the corner escape ones EXTREMELY annoying but their the only options some characters have to get out. Plus I dunno could just be Scarecrow bias I can sit myself at a range I can easily punish the use of them.
  20. Cursa

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    If some characters need interactables because they have "no other options", then that's a character flaw, or it's like that for balance. Pre-patch Poison Ivy, Cyborg, and Joker all got given wakeups because they didn't have them and needed them, Black Adam still doesn't have one because he has a shitload of other tools that help him in the neutral, and that's his tradeoff.

    Or, as I've said, give me the option to destroy every corner escape in the game as any character. Obviously I have to run the risk of letting them get out the first time, or risk getting cornered myself, but I'd be fine with that.
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  21. JagoBlakeFGC

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    Still waiting for the "Disable Interactables" feature to be put to use, as it should have been long ago.

    @IrishMantis - thanks for tagging.
  22. TyCarter35

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    I would say keep interactables. But they could balance it out better which has gotten better as I2 has progressed. Interactable combos are hype and as an Aquaman main where we lost our combo starter for a while before scoop buff. Interatable combos gave us a way of doing damage. Anyways the unblockables in the past were dumb. MKX did a pretty good job with interactables I think but it does provide stage awareness and a reasonable layer to the game but corner escapes should be able to be destroyed I think.
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