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Tech interactable usage , otg's , background bounces , huge damage


hawkgirl is the interactable master do to her trait canceling and great hg players are very aware of their spacing and stage positioning , that said pretty much every combo she has can be increased with interactables .

background bounce standard examples , rego d1-4-2-mcmb 27% now if your at a background bounce d1-int-b3-ji2-3xx-mcmb 37% , or more stage specific temple d1-int(bb)-ji2-123-ji2-4-int (lion head) 26% +otg 18% excellent dmg for d1 starter .

overhead interactable examples i'll use asylum for these . rego 123-b3-ji2-3xx-mc 34% , now the tv is just behind opponent when you start combo so you do 123-f3-ji2-4-2-int (tv otg ) 26% +18%otg , or your far from tv like center of the freeze pipe your on the right side when you start combo 123-b3-ji2-123-ji1-4 (maneuver to tv as needed )-int (otg) 30% +18% otg .

ground interactable examples for this one i'll use alley dumpster . rego 12-we2-123-ji2-mc 30% and 123-b3-ji2-3xx-mc 34% . if opponents back is at edge of dumpster 12-we2-123-int (otg) 19% +20% otg , dumpster is jump distance behind opponent 123-b3-ji2-b1-int (otg) 25% +20%otg , dumpster is 2 jump distance behind opponent 123-b3-ji2-123-int (otg) 28% + 20% otg .

huge damage int combos are corner cross ups on the yard weights on left side and museum left side both do big dmg on otg , weights 18%x2 and plane 22%x2 .
a few different ways for each all start with jump over j1 . for weights against mediums or big bodies j1-3-mtmbu-f3-d2-int (otg) 36% +36% otg 1 bar . against smalls j1-f1-mtmbu-b1-int (otg) 26% +36% otg .
museum left side medium and big bodies j1-3-mtmbu-b3-ji3-int (otg) 39% + 44% otg 1 bar and against all body sizes j1-123-b3-ji3-int (otg) 28% +44% otg 0 bars .

how to use corner interactables without crossing up with j1 . the timing is strict for this but the concept is simple and can be done a few different ways . basically it's starter (b22)-bounce (we2)-123-b1-int . for practice do atlantis b22-we2-123-b1-int , the trick is to time the 123 so that 2nd hit lands around their upper back and then time the b1 to kick their head then hit int button immediately . if done right you will grab/use whatever interactable is there .
otg stages - atlantis - bridge left side - reactor left side - luthor's lab right side .
combo stages - alley both sides - plaza left side - temple left side - luthor's lab left side - command center right side - bridge right side - asylum left side - lagoon right side - rooftop left side .

asylum bed left side and plaza robot right side can be followed up with d1 , d2 ,d3 , air d3 .
plaza robot has different follow up for d1 against a large chunk of the cast you have to dash cancel d1 to get it to connect .
also the bounce-123-b1-int tech doesnt work on plaza , and the tech for plaza also works on asylum .
tricky timing but not so bad once you get the hang of it . example b23-123-dash under -int then follow with choice otg . j1 cross up combos work well too but more risk .

theres many more ways to use interactables and they take tons of practice to make quality use of them but should be a major part of hg's game . heres some vids with a bunch of interactable combos .
i made a few mistakes that would allow escape but even if your a little off good chance they'll hit anyways .

edit : the museum only does 11% x2 on otg now ( old video )
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