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Injustice - Team Finish Him Interviews Hector Sanchez + Brief Black Adam Gameplay Footage

Today is the day, where the Injustice: Gods Among Us community will receive some big announcements. This morning, many media outlets started providing their impressions on the upcoming fighting game by NetherRealm Studios Injustice: Gods Among Us. There have been several interviews, articles, impressions and a plethora of new information regarding NetherRealm's next brawler released, detailing aspects of their game's mechanics, modes (such as the newly revealed S.T.A.R. LABS), gameplay, etc.

We here at TestYourMight will be keeping you up to date on the news that starts flowing in, since many of the articles detail the same information, just relayed slightly different, you can find many of the articles here in a single organized location.

Injustice: Gods Among Us releases 4.16.2013, [NA] and 4.19.2013 [EU] Pre-Order!

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Team Finish Him Video Interviews --

Black Adam game-play footage at 5:51 of this video ^
Black Adam game-play footage at 4:31 of this video *

Injustice: Gods Among Us Articles + Coverage --



the italian one doesn't say much new, it confirms 'king of the hill' online mode (maybe already confirmed before, I don't know)


I'm spanish and i can tell that the "alfabetajuega" presentation in Madrid doesn't say any new, the only new is that the king of the hill lobbys are for 8 players


Rock Strongo
The german IGN article tells nothing new aswell. Only thing is there is a S.T.A.R.-Labs mission where you're playing as a cat (NOT catwoman) and you have to avoid security and laserbeams in a museum.
Another one has you playing as Batman and you have to dodge cake that's being thrown at you.


Scary Bat
Was that actually it? That was the big 4 PM reveal? An extensive interview with some decent questions?

Not the big reveal, I believe this and other things might be the smaller reveals, I feel like the big one is tomorrow (I hope).


He's wearing a different costume here than what he had on in the trailer, so Black Adam still has a bald alt costume.


bye felicia
Was that actually it? That was the big 4 PM reveal? An extensive interview with some decent questions?

I'm sure they didn't anticipate that SRK was going to step in and steal their thunder. THey probably thought they were the only ones who got a special look at the game.