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General/Other Injustice Screamathon Among Us


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Wanna hear your character scream like a bitch?

Step 1: Pick Raven
Step 2: Pick victim
Step 3: Pick Metropolis Streets
Step 4: Go in front of the machine gun interactable
Step 5: Squeeze them and meter burn dat shit
Step 6: Shots fired

Scream Tier List (in progress)

1.) Zatanna
2.) Zod
3.) Harley (can't tell if serious)
30.) Superman (try harder bro)

If @AK Glass_Sword or @Blind_Man ever win a tournament major with the final blow being interactable machine gun after meter burn squeeze... I demand the loser have to reenact their characters cry on KTP or forever be known as Trigon's bitch. Nothing else can ever redeem them from such title.

Can someone please make a video with every character?

GGA Saucy Jack

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Yeah, but it's Dormammu Raven, dog.

Plus you get to hear the entire full raw scream which you can't from Grundy.

Edit: Wait no, @TheTruth4591 . Characters like Zod have completely different yells which you can't hear from Grundy.

I love when Doomsday gets tossed by Lobo. Hilarious. If it's the same he is top tier.


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Ok I don't know the notation, but sometimes someone playing batman against me will get me with the mb air grapple halfway or really late into a combo and the character screams differently. He did it when I was playing Nightwing and he screamed for a solid 3 seconds. Sounded different from when you get hit by different combos.