Injustice Rivalries: will the lines be redrawn?

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By SneakyTortoise on Feb 16, 2017 at 3:54 PM
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    As we inch closer and closer to the release date for Injustice 2, I've been thinking back on the great rivalries we had during the first game's life, and thinking about what we can expect during the life of Injustice 2.

    For those of you that were not around for the hype days of competitive IGAU, I've decided to compile some of the most compelling rivalries together with examples of matches from each rivalry.

    First up, we have Tom Brady vs Theo.
    A classic example of one of the great East Coast vs West Coast rivalries. Most would agree that Theo appeared to have little to no respect for Tom, and so challenged him to a money match at NEC XIV, in an attempt to back up his talk that he was the better player. This was during the days where Theo was still a Superman main, and he faced Tom's Aquaman in one of the most exciting money matches of the game's life.
    Next up, we have SonicFox vs KDZ.
    Everyone knows that Sonic picked up his God Tier status in NRS games with IGAU, but before he started to dominate the scene, there was a king he had to overthrow, the infamous KDZ.
    For a while KDZ reigned supreme in the IGAU competitive scene, mirroring his character in the game. He had gained infamy during 2013 with his Evo win, and tweeting before TFC that he had already won, and that the other competitors would be informed over the course of the weekend (awesome imo). In 2014, he was certainly seen as "the guy to beat", especially after the nerfs that superman had received, where many had claimed his success had been due to his character. A lot was riding on Winterbrawl 8, where KDZ faced Sonic in grand finals.
    (For KDZ's thoughts on this article, you can read here)
    Third, PL vs the world.
    I'm sure it comes as no surprise to those of you that were introduced to the scene with MKX, that PL was a bit of a controversial character during IGAU's life as well. Before going into UFGT X, PL made one of the greatest threads that TYM has seen. I am, of course, talking about training wheels. PL was the heel we needed, and EVERYONE was paying attention to see how he would do at UFGTX. As if the raised stakes of "top 3 or last" wasn't enough, 16Bit treated us to one of the most exciting ends to any match. An absolute must watch

    Before the unity of players from different scenes, and at a time when locals lived, the regional rivalries were strong. East vs West Coast was always interesting, but one of my favourites was West Coast vs Midwest. More specifically, Wonderchef vs 16Bit.
    Match-up discussions always have the potential to get heated, and Wonderchef attempting to regulate 16Bit on Catwoman tier placements and MU charts led to quite a fierce rivalry between the two players.
    Wonderchef claimed that 16Bit did not know the batman MU, and with ForeverKing (who was seen as the world's best Batman at the time), visiting GGA, the integrity of both Wonderchef and 16Bit was put on the line as 16Bit faced King in tournament, resulting in one of the greatest pop-offs you're likely to ever see.
    I could go on and on and on, but I feel that that pop-off is a fitting place to leave things.
    Honourable mentions go out to:
    Lord of the Fly vs Cossner aka "the king of the jobbers" (I can't find this match for the life of me sadly)
    P2W vs Rico Suave (The $1000 money match that never was)
    GGA vs the world (after sending their "scout" PPJ to NEC, who then won the whole event)
    SonicFox vs Jupiter (Not so much a rivalry, but these were the two players at the top of their game at Injustice's peak, often meeting each other in grand finals).

    As Brainiac says:

    "Transgressions of the past shape actions to come, as "offspring" turns into "adversary"... As factions dissolve and form, and lust for power enslaves all.... Curious how lines once cleanly defined become blurred. Perhaps it is time for them to be...redrawn"

    Can we expect the same for the competitive scene in Injustice 2? Will we see new rivalries form or old ones re-ignited?

    Let me know what your favourite rivalry of IGAU was, what rivalries you'd hope to see return for I2 or are expecting to see erupt.

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Discussion in 'Injustice 2' started by SneakyTortoise, Feb 16, 2017.

    1. The_Tile
      Instead of money matches we need "Marijuana matches", winner gets a gram of dat finest kush bruh. That'd get the passion burning.
    2. SaSSolino
      Great thread, very informative yet easily allows trash talking.

      IGN 10/10

      EDIT: That 16bit vs PL comeback was mindblowing! Wow.




      OH MY GOD! PL is even worse than I thought.
      Last edited: Feb 17, 2017
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    3. TheGangstaFace
      That was it? Injustice rivalries get hyped up. There's gotta be more lol. I wouldn't know, I wasn't as aware of the scene back then. I only watched EVO and CEO during the injustice days. I've gone back and watched a few other tourneys but that's it and i wasn't aware of all the juice back then
    4. ATP2014
      I just want weekly local hype to come back. ESL and Kombat cup are great, but don't let the ease of online play kill off WNF, GGA, Atlanta Kombat/Yomi, 8 on the Break, NLBC, and more. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL COMMUNITY.
    5. SkaGoogle
      lol pl vs kdz , remember that post pl made about their games
    6. Tweedy
      Funny how PL talks shit to people about kiddies pools when he can't compete in the much more dense games.
    7. I$AAC
      We need to have REGIONAL rivalries to return, none of this "super team" bullshit that happened in the early days of mkx.
    8. Pig Of The Hut
      Pig Of The Hut
      Idk how dense mkx is though
      hey man... I made the challenge and brought the cash. I showed a few people just to prove I wasn't full of shit. Tried to approach him a few times that weekend but got shrugged off.

      Rico is a good dude and that got taken to far. I beat him in tournament after some words were said mid set then he beat me later... it should have ended after that but it didn't. he is a great young player and one of the best multi game players in the entire community.

      my personal favorite rivalry was 100% M2dave vs anyone he looked at low gun shots funny.
      Last edited: Feb 17, 2017
    10. AK XEN0M0RPH
      AK XEN0M0RPH
      Injustice had amazing scenes and locals: atlanta, chicago, ohio, florida, tristate, virginia, west coast, texas. It was flooded and awesome. A local tournament almost every day of the week, so there was always some good play to watch. Most hype thing I can think of for mkx was the cowboy vs king mm and it was because that match also had naming rights. Here's hoping injustice 2 brings back some of that local connection.
    11. AK XEN0M0RPH
      AK XEN0M0RPH
      And a perfect example of scene rivalry: kit 2014 atl vs gga. That tournament breathed life into the scene again
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    12. TheRealOnlyGoonie
      I am not crapping on MKX so please do not take it that way to anyone reading this... but I think people seriously just didn't like the game. A lot of players I talk to said they were "Just playing it bc everyone else is and its where the money is" This is extremely similar to what a lot of SF5 players are saying now.
    14. Indecisive
      I can Confirm @PLAYING TO WIN Brought the money for the Money match. That man had stacks on stacks on stacks on stacks on stacks on stacks
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    15. A F0xy Grampa
      A F0xy Grampa
      Old players with old rivalries are better at failing now than succeeding.
      Drama is icing on the cake, not the cake itself.

      There'll be new top players for inj2, and old top players will fall off, such is the way.
    16. Doctor Angel
      Doctor Angel
      I'll throw a gram down for this. Hell yeah.
      MKX or IGAU, name your terms.

      Is anyone going to Gandyman's gathering in NY on the 4'th?
      I am so ready to start some delusional shit.
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    17. TheRealOnlyGoonie
    18. AK XEN0M0RPH
      AK XEN0M0RPH
      I understand with this sentiment. Ive ran into a number of players on the injustice beta that got their start in mkx, saying they were enjoying injustice 2 more than mkx. Now this could be because its fresh and new, but I, myself, am enjoying it far more. The patient play and more potential risk in risk/reward situations is very apparent.
    19. CrimsonShadow
      Yeah, I wish this MM would have gone down, because it would have been fun to watch. But there are so many great memories of salty Injustice tournament matches, upsets, cool character drama etc.

      Hoping we can rekindle some of this for Injustice 2.
    20. WiseM0nkey
    21. Panda MK
      Panda MK
      I am PRAYING that KDZ is going to blow Sonic out of the water this year. Nothing against Sonic obviously, the guys the best player to ever play a NRS game. But someone needs to "take his throne".
    22. Panda MK
      Panda MK
      I describe myself the exact same way, "And I'm a pretty damn decent player"
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    23. chores
      i believe it was actually "kitty pools"
    24. EdFig81
      Being he works with nrs it's understandable. I miss though @16 Bit scalp posts from back in the days. They were funny as fuck imo.
    25. tatterbug4
      PPJ Vs Filipino Man
      That was one right? I can't remember its been so long

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