Injustice Pro Series Season 2 Top 8 and Results

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By HellblazerHawkman on Nov 13, 2018 at 6:10 PM
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    IT'SSSSSSS TIMEEEE (don't sue me UFC). The Injustice Pro Series finale, bringing together the 16 best Injustice 2 players for a tournament style throw-down with the winner taking home the lion's share of a $100,000 prize pool. I know it's a Tuesday and I know a lot of you might be at work. But TYM is here with all those sweet details.

    The Top 16 took place 9AM EST, running through the whole day. After hours of some hype matches, our Top 8 settled down into this crew:

    Simplicity Tweedy vs. Noble Rewind
    Echo Fox Sonic Fox vs. PG Hayatei

    DF Grr vs. Scar
    Noble Semiij vs. Method SylverRye

    For the play-by-play and final results, click that spoiler down below. For the love of god, do not go on Twitter/Facebook if you are trying to watch things fresh. Just a friendly reminder for you good people at home! Congratulations to everyone who played today and the commentary crew who helped to keep things exciting throughout!
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    1. HellblazerHawkman
      I'm publishing this early for people who couldn't watch
    2. Juggs
      Crazy that Tweedy didn’t make top 4. Him and Grr lost in heartbreaking fashion.

      Glad I was actually able to watch most of this.

      Also, @16 Bit commentating and looking great with his weight loss, literally didn’t even recognize him. For those who didn’t see, I snapped a pic:

      Idk about the pink hair tho, lol. Actually with his shirt, he could pull off the Joker look if he dyed it green instead.
      16 Bit likes this.
    3. TamedLizard
      Grr biggest heartbreak and Scar mb frost breath in neutral ftw launched me out of my chair.

      I tuned in late, but I haven't enjoyed an I2 tourney this much in a long time.
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    4. Marlow
      What time does the top 4 start?
    5. DelSchokoladenSaft
      I believe it begins at 9 pm edt.
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    6. Dogeofthesea
      i love this. we got FIVE 3-2 sets and one 3-1 set. Everything is so close
      skahwt likes this.
    7. villainous monk
      villainous monk
      Didn't follow much of ips2 this time around but I just got home for work and I wanted to relax and enjoy a Tuesday evening.

      Then I see Scar getting me all hype for injustice again with that amazing game play.

      Scar v Sonic Grand finals would be pretty cool to watch.

      Didn't know I2 still had a lot of life left.
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      It’s time to start talking about how shitty nrs is with its game support and community. Ips finals had half the viewers of the last chance qualifier and nrs did not to hype it up. They have been silent since months prior to evo. So sad. No current fg can succeed without dev support and injustass didn’t have it. Sad state of affairs.
    9. Juggs
      The viewership was definitely split as it was also aired live on TV on DisneyXD.

      Your constant negativity is what is sad. Your unbridled pessimism and overall bleak commentary is depressing and annoying. I know you’re going to say “truth hurts” or some other douchebag comment, but the real truth is that you’re extremely toxic and you’re not helping anything by being that way.
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      I speak facts and sorry if u don’t like it. Nrs sucks so bad this last year and if u disagree with that u are delusional. They are obsolete after that finale. No hype.
    11. villainous monk
      villainous monk
      Yeah I agree. I didn't even know who was in ips2 this time around and didn't even know Sonic was in since dbfz is his main game.

      You would think with all these different fighters out now and heavy competition and different leagues nrs would be doing all they possibly can to promote it. Besides Mr Aquaman and quite a few others with their inventationals but to someone else who doesn't really have the time to really follow the scene like myself for example, they should be going guys like me to keep me interested.

      Just like them breaking the 2 year cycle of releasing new games they should put more support and development in this game for those who still want to compete and play.

      Because a few days from now many who watched tonight on a Tuesday evening and probably won't be playing it past Friday won't care.

      Sad to say but that's not how games like sfv, cod, ow and many others don't loose as many viewers each pro league tournament that they have.

      It was still a great finals though.
    12. Jynks
      he looks like late 80s elton john.
    13. Tanno
      Good morning

      Me and my buddy kept up almost till Top 8. We were waiting for announcement for MKXI, but we slept afterwards. Did they announce anything?
    14. TheGabStandard
      Nope, didn't expect them to either
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    15. Eldriken
      There's no way they'd announce MK11 while being broadcast on DisneyXD.
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    16. Braindead
      If you think NRS would randomly announce a brand new game without building hype first and Boon teasing on Twitter then I have this $3 bill I would like to sell you.
    17. neveradestroyer
      It was a great tournament..
      Insane character variety... They even played with one of the turtles. The tourney lived for his name. Props to the players and the event organizers. It was top quality and top pro gameplay too.
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    18. Badboy Takuma
      Badboy Takuma
      no announcement?
      dafuc rly

      i rly tought that 8bit was cosplaying an brand new mk11 char or something.
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    19. Marlow
      Great tournament. I wish more top talent would play the game and give it a chance, I feel like there's a ton of great characters we don't even get a chance to see who would be great at a high level.
      CrimsonShadow likes this.
    20. HellblazerHawkman
      Updated with results, no announcements on anything I2/MK11 related. Either stick it out with what we got, or go play UNIEL
    21. Marlow
      I think it's a two-way street. Communities need to have some degree of self-relience and responsibility.
    22. KHTC Takgillo
      KHTC Takgillo
      This was the best tournament I've seen since I joined the NRS scene with MKX so many ompf moment so many close matches it was so good
    23. Tanno
      I'm sticking out with BBCF. Once they announce something whisper to us.
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    24. NothingPersonal
      I'm telling you man, one day Grodd's gonna take a tournament, and it will be Fox behind the controller.

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