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Injustice in Rhode Island


Hero Of Rhode Island
I know there must be other Injustice players out there! I am from Providence RI myself. I go to a place called HavenShine location is 30A Martin Street Cumberland RI. I hope to see more people coming here to play on Thursday Fight Nights as my Wonder Woman could use some good sparring practice!

Venue fee is $3

Thursdays starting at 3pm. I will be there to play anyone!


This mean you don't like me?
Whoa, I never knew about this. Rhode island isn't too far away (Tiverton is within walking distance). I might have to head over there and take you guys' money.


Hero Of Rhode Island
I host Sunday Showdowns every Sunday at HavenShine.

805 Broadway Pawtucket Rhode Island

Starts at 12 ends at 11pm