Injustice - EB Expo Presentation by Ed Boon, "We will be adding features to the end of the match"

Discussion in 'Injustice: Gods Among Us' started by STORMS, Oct 15, 2012.

By STORMS on Oct 15, 2012 at 10:14 PM

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    While Ed was in Australia recently he took numerous questions from fans. The questions ranged from how the story-line was going to be done, if Injustice will have a tag team mode to 'will there be finishers in Injustice'. Ed expresses that Injustice will not have fatalities as this is not a Mortal Kombat game but up until now we knew the end of the match would end as it does in all of the recent game-play videos from the New York Comic-Con to the Brazil Game Show. In this video, Ed tells fans that "there are some features that will be introduced that will make the end of the fight a lot more interesting". It is actually one of the first questions he responds to.

    Source: MKAUGaming
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Discussion in 'Injustice: Gods Among Us' started by STORMS, Oct 15, 2012.

    1. kronspik
      That's good. I prefer the Street Fighter and Marvel fight enders where it ends in a dramatic flash with the killing blow. It's a lot more exciting to watch over fatalities, teabagging, etc. Especially after you've seen the same animations 100 times. I hope Injustice adopts something like this.
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    2. Rathalos
      I hope nothing stupid like heroic brutalities.

      Also no tag team, not really a shock.
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    3. Faded Dreams V
    4. GrandMasterson
      "This game is a little bit more serious."

    5. axeman87
      I thought I would be bummed NOT seeing Fatalities, but given the restrictions that these characters will have that were evident for MK vs Dc, I would prefer not to see half arsed Fatalities and wait for the real ones in the next MK.

      I think its a good idea to keep Fatalities for MK regardless, its something to look forward to.

      Injustice should have its own thing going on, whatever that may be.
    6. TargetAudience
      MK9 fatalities were ass anyways.
    7. Skylight1
      Even though i feel this is good, TargetAudience pretty much sums up what I really thought about this.
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    8. UsedForGlue
      A finisher would be fine, as long as it isn't called anything.

      But, we already have finisher type moves mid game, like Flashes Falcon punch, and Super mans uppercut into space.

      So, it would be difficult to top those with finishers.
    9. Johnny2d
      Something dramatic could happen when the final attack hits, but it should be short in duration and happen automatically. Not something someone chooses to input after the match itself is over.
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    10. TargetAudience
      Like someone said, sf4, mvc3 finisher style should be fine... you get an xray or super move that kills your opponent and you get dramatic ending and stuff.
    11. RiBBz22
      I think it would be cool if it was a move that could only be executed at the end of the match while the opponent still has health left (very little). If the move was set up and executed correctly it would end the match with some swag.
    12. Cossner
      Some babality-like stuff would be nice.
      There you have it guys. Lobo is confirmed!
    14. gamemk
      So Ed is a spam advocate....spamming in games without trades is braindead. Just because everyone can do it, casuals and pros, doesn't mean that it should be as strong as Ed seems to like it. He didn't say zoning. He said spam. So can we stop calling it zoning because it's not zoning if your opponent has to lose life while trying to close the distance. Spam is almost exclusively a one sided projectile onslaught. Zoning is a battle for the control of limited space. Characters like SF4/AE Sagat can really go balls out with projectiles, but they can be matched for the most part, and he has shitty mobility. Whatever. I can't wait to see what braindead shit people come up with.
    15. Killzone
      Did he just confirm Blue Beetle?
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    16. BillStickers
      Art thou vexed, brother?
    17. TargetAudience
      Most MK9 players seem to have no idea of what a balanced fighter should be like.
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    18. Killzone
      But I'd rather play MK9 than Divekick.
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    19. Briggs8417
      Man, you are being a really Negative Nancy...but I agree with you.
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    20. TargetAudience
      A certain person said that if a fighter doesnt have every char 5-5 to each other the whole cast then is not balanced.... sigh.
    21. Briggs8417
      Tell that to T-Hawk haha.
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    22. RiBBz22
      someone's cheap shit is always going to be better than someone else's cheap shit. No game will ever have all 5-5's unless the game has 2 characters or has no uniqueness to it...
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    23. TargetAudience
      Scrubs would never understand this concept.
    24. trufenix
      I know you're joking, but most of T. Hawk's matchups are WAY worse than 5-5. And even still, if only one character out of like 40 is that gimpy and he's a grappler of all things, the game is pretty well balanced. Say what you will about SF4, most characters can "cheap" their way out of a 6-4 / 7-3 situation with enough patience and dedication... except T. Hawk.

      And even if all or most match ups in a game are 5/5 the game can still wind up with a glitch or (soap bar in my mouth) hitbox that creates sharp tiers, like the CvS and (early) Calibur games. Fortunately, people will still support it if its actually fun to play.

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