Injustice E3 Demo Today on GameSpot Stream 5-6PM PST

Discussion in 'Injustice: Gods Among Us' started by STORMS, Jun 6, 2012.

By STORMS on Jun 6, 2012 at 3:50 PM

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    A very special thanks to Karried for the following information. Today and as per the GameSpot E3 schedule Injustice is to be on stream by 6PM PST. We would recommend tuning in by 5PM PST just in case and so you don't miss anything. The details are slim as to what we'll be seeing, whether anything new of just a refresh of information perhaps to those who missed it the first time. However, be sure to tune in to the Game Spot stream via this link by 5PM PST today to see what's good!


    Source: Karried's thread
    Shoutout to TRMK for the extra assistance as well!
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First off, Welcome to TestYourMight! My main objective nowadays is to keep you as updated as I possibly can in regards to NetherRealm Studios news, especially dealing with Mortal Kombat and Injustice.

Thank you for your support!
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Discussion in 'Injustice: Gods Among Us' started by STORMS, Jun 6, 2012.

    1. DragonPick
      Alright then, so:
      5 PST = 6 MST = 7 CST = 8 EST

      So, I'll be catching it at about 7 o clock, thank you much!
    2. MK Peanuts
      MK Peanuts
      You're a godsend. I was all set to work it out myself and do math and stuff but here you've already done the heavy lifting for me.
    3. DownfouralitY
      Thank you!

      Looking forward to watching!
    4. UsedForGlue
      They are only on fable right now.
    5. Ian
      Isn't it daylight savings time? So all those hours should be 1 ahead.
    6. UsedForGlue
      TTT2 right now.

      Could be 6 more games before Injustice comes on.
    7. PND OmegaK
      PND OmegaK
      you'll be waiting a good while, 5PM PST is2 hours off
    8. PND i2 Gaug3
      PND i2 Gaug3
      how long till da good stuff?
    9. Premonitionist
    10. TotteryManx
      Shootmania is on now so Injustice is next guys.
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    11. STB Sgt Reed
      STB Sgt Reed
      can anyone capture this? Or will there be an archive? I won't be able to watch it during the stream... it's too laggy, damn work internet.
    12. Rathalos
      Shootmania is a really strange game.

      Its so weird the trackmania people are making a shooter.
    13. Rathalos
      Same stuff as before so far :/
    14. MK Peanuts
      MK Peanuts
      We did learn one important bit of information, which is that the Flash featured in this game is Barry Allen, not Wally West. Mr. Boon, you just lost yourself a sale.
    15. DragonPick
      Yay for info, but no gameplay... :/
    16. MagicMan357
      I fucking waited all day for them to show nothing
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    17. UsedForGlue
      Learned that Clashes do not happen in breakers, good.
      There will be breakers.
      Enhanced moves
      and Supermoves - Full Meter
      Maybe one level with no arena features.
      Could be upto 4 bars for a full meter (Might be character specific) (Potential two breakers)
      Visible character damage
      Certain characters can arm the environment objects to explode
      Environment options can be used in combos.
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    18. Rathalos
      Wally is getting shit on in every medium possible.
      In comics, in young justice, in games.

      Geoff johns can fuck himself and his silver age love.

      I think he implied that there will probably just be an option to turn them off.
      Which would be the best way, as long as fucking stupid ass kombat kodes don't make a return.

      It is interesting that you can use the stuff in combos though, that could prove interesting.
    19. TotteryManx
      I guess the good news is that they're working out the kinks so you don't see Superman knock you into space 10 times in a match. Boon also said that they very well have a mode where the gimmicks are turned off. Like bashing cars and what not.

      The only thing that worries me right now is the clash should I have to bet meter...I earned that shit. If I don't use it all I'm taking damage...smh...that can cause problems in the competitive field.
    20. Albo
      I'm sure Boon said they might include an option to turn off stage interactions and props.
    21. UsedForGlue
      They didn't specify that you would lose your meter for losing the clash, you most likly lose your meter for winning it, which means, if you have more meter than the opponent, you will always win the clash, it just means more meter management.
    22. Espio
      The good thing I heard Boon say is they might have an option to turn off stage interactions, but it's not 100% set in stone based on the statement, so who knows.
    23. PND i2 Gaug3
      PND i2 Gaug3
      normally when you wager somthing you dont get it back if you loose the wager
    24. STORMS
      I recorded it and am currently uploading it for those who missed it. Should be up within 2 hrs.

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