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Video/Tutorial Injustice Black Adam Combo Video by hAZ Shazam


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I don't normally make combo video articles, but this was a request from someone who I truly have a lot of respect for, and this is Team hAZmats Haz Ibrahim aka hAZ Shazam!

A few weeks ago, team Southern California took a trip to Arizona for a 5v5 tournament courtesy of Dojosports.com, here we met some of the best players in Arizona, including Morty and King Hippo. One player that specially stood out for me was Haz. He was probably the one player none of us really knew much about, but he showed us all just how great his Black Adam really was.

Here is a new combo video he put together for you to enjoy. Have fun using these!




Vampire Jesus....he wants YOUR blood now!!
At 2:48 what exactly did u launch him with? did u do it with a non meterburn divekick? o.0 how, cuz otherwise if it was meterburn howd u get the super?