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Discussion in 'Injustice 2' started by GetEmStretch, Apr 11, 2017.

By GetEmStretch on Apr 11, 2017 at 9:21 AM
  1. NRS have just released a new video showcasing lots of the gear options in Injustice 2. The video gives a taste of the customisable potential that the game has to offer.

    Give it a watch and keep an eye out for some of the options available to your favourite fighters.

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Discussion in 'Injustice 2' started by GetEmStretch, Apr 11, 2017.

    1. WynterEnd
      2:10 mark you can see a Mr. Freeze premier skin for Captain Cold!
    2. Evil Canadian
      Evil Canadian
      So premium skin list leak confirmed then?

      Which I guess in turn, confirms starfire and red hood I guess??
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    3. Espio
      Wow, Cheetah and Cyborg new gear looks sexy.
    4. Evil Canadian
      Evil Canadian
      Cheetah is like the hardest i've ever swung around on a FG character. First I laughed at her inclusion then her moveset/playstyle actually looks pretty cool, and I super dig all the tribal/bone based stuff for her custom looks.
    5. IrishMantis
      The leak did not have them 2
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    6. Evil Canadian
      Evil Canadian
      This is the one I am talking about

      Premium skin / Original Character

      reverse flash / flash
      power girl / supergirl
      john stewart / lantern
      black siren / canary
      batwoman / batman
      nightwing(damian wayne) / robin
      red arrow / green arrow
      bizzaro / superman
      wildcat / cheetah
      mr freeze / captain cold
      shazam / black adam
      deathstorm / firestorm
      blackfire / starfire
      arkham knight / red hood

      Not talking about the original leak from the mobile game. Red hood already has mentions of being playable in magazines too so we shall see where it goes.
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    7. Jynks
    8. beatlejuice
      Oh injustice 2 I love you
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    9. exisTenz
      The gears look great! So excited for this game!
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    10. Jynks
      Looks like a lot of moves in those reveal trailers are actually gear moves, so are in fact no usable... as they are illegal in comps and no one online will accept a gear fight if the beta is a sign of how it goes.

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    11. IrishMantis
      Hmm I never seen this 1

      I'd hope it's true but the fact that Freeze was the only non char on that list and the one showing makes me pessimistic

      How could Robin / Nightwing work?
      When he uses a sword that's acts like a sword, think of the super with a stick

      Green Arrow / Red Arrow I can see by a CW pack
    12. Catnip_Her0
      This gear system is great and they can always add more with each dlc release i cant wait !!! #Harambe4Grodd
    13. StormGoddess
    14. LaidbackOne
      Damian Nightwing although why would you make a premier skin of basically the same character.
    15. Baconlord
      Wait how the hell is that supposed to work. Wildcat's a boxer
    16. AcCooper20
      I can't decide if I love the Catwoman hood on Cheetah or hate it.
    17. Evil Canadian
      Evil Canadian
      Thinking wrong wildcat

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    18. Baconlord
      Ok that makes a lot more sense. Although I'm kind of disappointed it's not the other wildcat because that seams hilarious
    19. trufenix
      because alt. costumes were the original gear system? Do you remember one game ago when all people wanted was a costume of the exact same guy from another game?
    20. SneakyTortoise
      No. That list seemed mainly nonsense. Mr Freeze had been included in the credible link, which was probably the reason they added him to that list - to try and make it seem credible.

      If one of the other characters from that list had been confirmed here, then maybe it would be considered credible. But as it's just Freeze, it doesn't mean anything
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    21. LaidbackOne
      Yeah smartass but I don't see why you probably couldnt customize him to look like Nightwing with the gear system.
    22. Evil Canadian
      Evil Canadian
      I ain't saying its true or not, but like I stated earlier magazine already has Red Hood listed as playable character too so I don't have any particular reason to doubt it right now either.
    23. SneakyTortoise
      I was just answering your question. It doesn't confirm any of them at all
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    24. Evil Canadian
      Evil Canadian
      So? Nothing confirms anything until you get the official response or reveal.

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