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Injustice 2 will be 3/5 at EVO *pending approval of timer*


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Mr Wizard is listening to the NetherRealm community and is currently fighting to make it work for us to have a 3/5 tournament environment. Considering how mnay games EVO has to fit in, they cannot do 3/5 for all games. MrWizard notes that CEO's Finals lasted 4.5 hours and that is too long for EVO, for one game.

See before for his tweets:



Let's face it... we would NOT be cool with Injustice 2 being best of 3 at EVO, so this is great.

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I concur about the timer.

Now what to do with the whiners ala BBC? The screenshots won't help much. I'd like to suggest the addition of the match video. A video is like 1000 pictures, and a picture is like 1000 words, and in its turn a word is like 1000 truths.

Just suggesting the match video to base what you say about the match.

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It's totally fine to suffer through not one but TWO Smash party games at EVO and sit through what seems like 12 hours of that shit on day 3, though.

I honestly think dropping the timer is a fine compromise, but it's a bit fucked that Smash still gets their absurdly long games to fly when it's hardly even a fighting game in my opinion. And don't come in here telling me that it's there because a ton of people show up to it. I don't care. Overwatch would get a ton of people to show up to EVO as well if they had it.

I used to make a day of watching the EVO finals. I'd sit through and enjoy games I've never even played like BlazBlue and what not. Smash....no way. I can't take it.

I need a drink.


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yes if u want to trim down time start with the game that consistently has the biggest viewership numbers...
I mean, the Smash community already has 2 games at the main event. Even the Street Fighter Community, arguably the community without whom EVO wouldn't exist, has only 1 game. They don't need to dominate time like they currently do
I don't really see what the issue is here, Injustice 2 finals aren't even on Sunday so it wont be cutting into their schedule. Looking at the archived stream for CEO finals, Injustice has a run-time of 3 hours, not 4.5.

I understand the point that others are making about Smash being time consuming as a fair comparison, but those games have gotten the shaft before in the past as well. I believe in the past Evo had forced their rule-set to include items on, no stage banning, character move-sets legal, etc.

In general I think it is important for tournament organizers to work with their respective gaming communities on an established rule-set and conform to those standards.