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Injustice 2 Tutorial: If it's a 6F poke, it can still get whiff punished!


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Hello my friends. I've been more consistent lately on uploading tutorial videos for Injustice 2 (and occasionally DBFZ), so I wanted to take the time and show you guys specific situations on counterpokes and fast normals getting punished by slower normals and how this creates a multi-layered rock paper scissors metagame.

To many players who've competed and grinded fighting games a lot, it seems like a basic concept, but to a lot of newer players, I've noticed that its something they haven't incorporated into their game yet so here are some concrete examples of that! Hope you guys enjoy it and as always, a like and subscribed is always appreciated!

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I myself already knew about this kind of stuff to an extent, but you gave much more detailed explanations on the topic and also about what to do in those situations, so it was very helpful. Thanks so much dude :)