Injustice 2 Top 8 is set for CEO 2017

Discussion in 'Tournament & Event Aftermaths' started by STORMS, Jun 17, 2017.

By STORMS on Jun 17, 2017 at 11:50 PM

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    Ladies & Gents, we are almost there... another exciting top 8 has been lined up for Injustice 2. The top 8 will resume tomorrow via @ 4:30 PM EDT. You will not want to miss this! Check out the top 8 below!


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First off, Welcome to TestYourMight! My main objective nowadays is to keep you as updated as I possibly can in regards to NetherRealm Studios news, especially dealing with Mortal Kombat and Injustice.

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Discussion in 'Tournament & Event Aftermaths' started by STORMS, Jun 17, 2017.

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    1. Dankster Morgan
      Dankster Morgan
      Tournament has been great so far. I feel so bad for Biohazard though, he always gets screwed over at the last minute, it makes me sad.

      I bet king beats whiteboi
      Dragon beats slayer
      Theo beats illuusions
      Fox beats madzin

      Then I honestly have no clues and tbh I'd be shocked if all 4 of my first predictions come true as well, it's been super super competitive. Looks like Fox will have competition in this game.
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    2. HellblazerHawkman
      I didn't know who to root for, I really wanted both him and Madzin to make Top 8
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    3. Dankster Morgan
      Dankster Morgan
      He was a hair away from making top 8 at the second MKX EVO and his loss at the second ESL season really bothered me. All Ferra/Torr too, I wish he just scumbagged out and played Alien at EVO, he deserved it.

      I love Madzin too, his Sub was great in MKX, it always makes me happy to see really clean Sub play.
    4. Juggs
      I predict that Slayer will win this tournament. Really every single top 8 player has a good chance at winning, they are all incredible players. But the way Slayer played today convinced me that this is his tournament to win. Can't wait to watch the finals!
    5. STORMS
      Slayer wins and no longer able to say "money's tight".

      But seriously, I hope Slayer gets sponsored soon (not Echo Fox though... not another Yomi). He's fierce.
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    6. Thingy
      I just want to see another Madzin pop off, plz.
    7. ATL Jones Bro3
      ATL Jones Bro3
      You can't compared echo fox to yomi.... they are an established esports org and my favorite league team.
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    8. DC4-3
      I wanna see more Madzin popoffs after that performance.
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    9. Admiral_Agony
      Wait, how did sonic get put in losers?
    10. Juggs
      It was when the internet went down and it was off stream. Theo beat him 3-0
    11. kabelfritz
      agree but then again its slayer. something might just throw him off and go 0-3. dragon went to top 8 very unspectacular and straightforward, and king is also looking very strong.
    12. TAKUMA
      I predict Madzin will take this
    13. Jynks
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    14. Sutter Pain
      Sutter Pain
      What happened to blind ducky?
    15. honeybooboo
      Sonic vs slayer grand finals.
      Fox wins
    16. Awkward Sloth
      Awkward Sloth
      How Sonic lost to Theo. First two matches Sonic played Darkseid. The second match sonic missed a d2 anti air that cost him a good chunk of life of his second health bar.

      Final match sonic changed to black Adam and something weird happened I just can't remember what it was at the end of the match.

      Theo used all Superman against Sonic. It was 3-0.
    17. PunkMafia83
      Who is everyone using? Just wondering who the top 8 is maining
    18. Evil Canadian
      Evil Canadian
      The top 8 is "Set" unless, of course, the top 8 fall victim to 8 separate misfortunes and are unable to play tomorrow. But that will never happen. Three misfortunes, that's possible. Seven misfortunes, there's an outside chance. But eight misfortunes? I'd like to see that!
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    19. kevkopdx
      my favorite notable is whiteboi using scarecrow
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    20. Jynks
      why dose that sound so familiar?
    21. ImperatrixSindel
      Heartbroken for Biohazard. He was so good the whole tourney and it came SO close to the wire.
    22. shura30
      you brought me back to my childhoon you know?
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    23. Tweedy
      7 characters in top 8, 8 if you count Iluusions as deadshot or arrow. He won key matches with those 2 including Black Adam. Even if you count him as just Adam, that's 7 characters. Scarecrow, Batman, Adam, Aquaman, Atrocitus, Darkseid, Superman.

      Catwoman had a lot of success, as did Harley, but neither character quite made top 8.

      I really don't see the issue with character diversity, considering this is the release version of an NRS game. Robin and Bane were deep in the bracket(who were both in top 8 at CB), a few Cheetah's made top 48. King Raj was in top 48 who is a Firestorm, Steve closed out a win over Tekken Master with Grodd, Green Lantern wasn't in top 16 but had multiple representatives well past pools.

      Boohoo Black Adam and Aquaman will show up multiple times in top 8. This is better than MKX before October 4th without a doubt and it'll only get better.
    24. Tweedy
      It'll be like Bane vs Aquaman or something. I'll say "look, Bane isn't apart of the sweet 7 or whatever that supposedly run the game", and they'll be like "nah Bane is there but so is Aquaman fuck man we can't get a game without one of these top tiers".

      There must have been some kind of TYM/stream monster meeting where people are now getting upset over 7-8 character instead of 3-4. You know how much you're asking for a 20k pot bonus to not have a character that is a part of the top 1/3rd of the cast?

      If it were 3 characters, okay, them being in every single match would be annoying. People will complain if it's Black Adam, Aquaman, Batman, Superman, Atrocitus, Deadshot, Catwoman and now somewhat Darkseid. Lol you're asking for too much if you don't want any of them in a lot of matches.

      When NRS finally gets a game ridiculously balanced people are just gonna be like "man I can't stand these 32 characters man it's every match with them".
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