Injustice 2 PC Beta is now LIVE (press release inside)

Discussion in 'Injustice 2' started by STORMS, Nov 6, 2017.

By STORMS on Nov 6, 2017 at 1:26 PM

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    Go here to check it out:

    The Injustice 2 beta for PC is now live as confirmed very recently via the InjusticeGame twitter account. PC Users, have at it!


First off, Welcome to TestYourMight! My main objective nowadays is to keep you as updated as I possibly can in regards to NetherRealm Studios news, especially dealing with Mortal Kombat and Injustice.

Thank you for your support!
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Discussion in 'Injustice 2' started by STORMS, Nov 6, 2017.

    1. CmC_HAt
      wiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!. q felicidadd., por finnn

      where are the patch notes of this game??
    2. Braindead
      Downloading... 32 GB
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    3. neveradestroyer
      ¡No!. ¡Para nada mamón!... Esos infelices de Pc gaming lloran demasiado....

      Now they are going to cry for the port again LMAO.
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    4. Slymind
      At last!

      Downloading now.
    5. Jynks
      in before trolls that have no idea what the word "beta" means in terms of optimisation and stability : )
    6. trufenix
      How can there be patch notes for a game that isn't out?
    7. gitblame
      I've played couple of games. Very good experience so far. Game runs smooth and netcode is as good as PS4.
    8. SaucyD0ge
      They didn’t botch the PC port?Hurray for platform equality!
    9. LordxMugen
      downloaded and playing. port feels pretty good (cause QLOC is great!) outside of how you feel about Denuvo or not. So far im enjoying playing Black Adam and I kinda want to learn Captain Cold for some reason despite me not liking his trait. But its fun and functional. I think the only thing thats bothering me is the persistence of Chromatic Aberration. it was in Tekken 7 and its in here and it makes the game look absolutely grainy and ugly than it would be without it. No developers, i like CLEAN textures and bump mapping in my games. not grainy filters made to make it look like a cowboy flick from the 50s. That said, there should be an easy painless mod to fix that (most likely the same as the one used in Tekken 7).
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    10. Slymind
      They using that?
    11. thanasismk
      Finally. Is Batman available in the beta?
    12. God Confirm
      God Confirm
      A beta means its the time to give your feedback about any bad optimization and stability you might encounter. What did you think it means in regards to that?
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    13. God Confirm
      God Confirm
      yeh denuvo is in. Can't have people pirating a free to play, open beta :p
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    14. thanasismk
      They probably want to see if there are any performance issues by using denuvo.
    15. God Confirm
      God Confirm
      denuvo is woven into the coding of a game, it's there now because they've paid for it, probably all there is to it. Best believe now that it's been paid for it's not going anywhere performance issues or not, at least until the game gets cracked.
    16. Gooberking
      That single handedly killed my hype.
    17. MisguidedAngel
      Mine won't even launch. The Injustice 2 mini title flashes on my screen for a sec, steam says running, then syncing, then it all just disappears. No crash or anything, just doesn't launch and "now playing" goes back to the click to play button.

      Anyone else have this problem? No game I've ever had has done that.
    18. Slymind
      Game is running amazingly though.

      However, would recommend particles effect delegated to CPU i got a few ocassional FPS drops on GPU even when my GPU is actually much newer than my CPU;


      Gonna go ahead and take it back, now my games are being locked at 15 fps.
      Last edited: Nov 7, 2017
    19. Gooberking
      That's fine, but when I buy a PC copy, I'm rewarding Fighting Games on PC, not aggressive DRM practices.
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    20. Slymind
      Fair enough, i too do not like it, but i will support this one to pave the way for more fighting games on PC.
    21. Gooberking
      I think we pretty much have the platform established at this point. Some are even "it" versions and launch titles like Tekken 7. I'm having a hard time thinking of any recent fighters we don't have on PC. Mostly it's a delay of release problem now.

      I'm starting to worry more about wanting a more consumer friendly/respectful product than about availability of the product.
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    22. Gooberking
      Well, this thing definitely can look nice, but it's was a struggle to find settings that would give me even frames and it still had hiccups during my fight, and I don't think it looked as good as the PS4 in my case. That's a bummer, but I may just need to fiddle with stuff until I find what works for me. I do like having power of choice there.

      The extra fidelity seems to negatively impact the load times. On my SSD it feels like it takes quite a bit longer to load a fight than it does on a standard PS4 drive which isn't supposed to be very impressive. When it comes to fighters I really don't care much about how the game looks if matches load fast. (I can't believe SFV players put up with the 19 hour load times on PS4) I should probably time it before getting in a twist over it, but I'm in critical mode and I'm not at all psyched for that possibility. Especially given it's a lowest common denominator situation where I may be waiting on someone else's slow drive. Hopefully I'm just being impatient and my feelings aren't supported by the clock.
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    23. God Confirm
      God Confirm
      Same here and my PC makes the PS4 blush, and multiple people have said similar things about being surprised about how intensive the performance is to run smoothly. This game is either horribly optimized, or Denuvo is impacting it. At least it felt stable though.
    24. tafka Djinn
      tafka Djinn
      Honestly my assumption is both.

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