Injustice 2 Patch Notes - November Update (Live on Xbox, early next week for PS4)

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    Official Injustice 2 Patch Notes for our November Update Below!


    General Gameplay fixes
    • Patch is live on Xbox will arrive on PS4 early next week.
    • General and Online stability improvements
    • Added support for Xbox One X (including improved shadow quality, enhanced motion blur, better depth of field, overall higher quality post-processing, increased character detail, higher resolution, and HDR support)
    • Improved rewards for completing Guild Multiverse Tiers
    • Various Movelist corrections and improvements to AI logic
    • Legendary Multiverse Portals are now available for Captain Cold, Cyborg, Dr. Fate, Firestorm, Green Arrow, Poison Ivy, and Robin
    • Fixed some Credits / Mother Box / Multiverse exploits
    • The Meta Challenge "Don't spend any meter during the match" is no longer affected by an opponent’s meter draining attacks
    • Multiverse Sidekicks now have a 3 ⅔ second cooldown (was 7 seconds)
    • Fixed many instances of the indicator incorrectly displaying "Counter" instead of "Punish"
    • Fixed a bug which was causing Down + Medium attacks to not be invulnerable to High Attacks during some of their recovery frames when continuing to hold Down
    • Background Bounce Environmental Interactions are now more consistent for all character regardless of facing and stance
    • Fixed an issue with Alternate Controls that allowed some special moves to be executed with shortcuts during pre-jump frames while Input Shortcuts option was turned off
    • Acrobat & Gadget Character’s Bomb Environmental Interactions now Jump/Plant the bombs 6 frames faster, have 14 fewer startup frames, hit mid (was unblockable), and the Jumps travel a shorter distance
    • New Nth Metal shaders are available for some characters.

    Stage Specific Fixes
    • Arkham Asylum - Bench Throw Environmental Interaction now hits mid (was unblockable), and does 15 base damage (up from 10)
    • Atlantis - Big Globe Throw & Globe Cluster Throw Environmental Interaction now hit overhead (was unblockable), and do 15 base damage (up from 10)
    • Atlantis - Aquarium Bomb Environmental Interaction now hits mid (was unblockable), and does 15 base damage (up from 10)
    • Brainiac’s Ship - Drone Throw Environmental Interaction now hits overhead (was unblockable), and does 15 base damage (up from 10)
    • Fortress of Solitude - Ice Wall Punch Environmental Interaction now hits overhead (was unblockable), and does 15 base damage (up from 10)
    • Gorilla City - Dinosaur Skull Throw Environmental Interaction & Kudu Slam Environmental Interaction now hit overhead (was unblockable), and do 15 base damage (up from 10)
    • Gotham City - Anubis Statue Slam Environmental Interaction now hits overhead (was unblockable), and does 15 base damage (up from 10)
    • Joker’s Playground - Fortune Teller throw Environmental Interaction now hits overhead (was unblockable), and does 15 base damage (up from 10)
    • Joker’s Playground - Barrel Throw & Barrel Roll Environmental Interactions now hit mid (was unblockable), and do 15 base damage (up from 10)
    • Kahndaq - Gargoyle Throw Environmental Interaction now hits mid (was unblockable), and does 15 base damage (from 10%)
    • Kahndaq - Tablet Slam Environmental Interaction now hits overhead (was unblockable), and does 15 base damage (from 10%)
    • Kahndaq - Pyramid Punch Environmental Interaction starts up 4 frames slower, had its hit region adjusted and can no longer hit opponents in the air
    • Metropolis - Hitting opponent with the Diving Helmet Environmental Interaction causes a different reaction
    • Metropolis - Fixed visual issue with some super moves showing floating kegs during their cinematics
    • Red Sun Prison - Hanging Core Swing Environmental Interaction hit reaction has been changed, is now mid (was unblockable), and recovers faster

    Character Specific Fixes
    • Aquaman - Fixed an issue where Aquaman’s trident could disappear if From The Deep Gear Ability was interrupted

    • Bane - Fixed a bug causing Legendary Straight Damage Augment to use the default cooldown timer instead of its own (1 second at level 1, 2 seconds at level 2, and 3 seconds at level 3)

    • Batman - Greatly reduced meter build when executing Batarang Toss & Up Batarang Toss
    • Batman - Release Bat, Bat Spin, and Bat Spawn Gear Ability no longer build meter on use
    • Batman - Fixed lingering visual effect on 122 if practice mode reset is performed at a specific time
    • Batman - Straight Kick (Jump + Medium) has it’s hit region slightly adjusted and has 5 less hit advantage
    • Batman - The hit advantage on Straight Grapple on an airborne opponent now more closely matches the hit advantage of hitting a grounded opponent
    • Batman - The cooldown on Mechanical Bats has been increased to 12 secs (up from 9 secs)

    • Black Canary - Low Parry and High Parry are now available in Practice Mode Reversal and Wakeup options

    • Black Manta - Victim region near the head slightly adjusted
    • Black Manta - The 2nd hit of Speared And Seared (Super move) will no longer sometimes cross up the opponent if the first hit is blocked while standing in the corner

    • Blue Beetle - Adjusted hit regions on several normal attacks
    • Blue Beetle - Slightly reduced combo damage scaling on Seeking Reach (Towards + Medium, Hard) & Flying Scarab
    • Blue Beetle - Reduced combo damage scaling on Blade Stab Meter Burn & Blade Barrage Meter Burn
    • Blue Beetle - Shield Slam has 17 less recovery frames on miss & Mandible Strike has 6 less recovery frames on miss
    • Blue Beetle - Blue Beetle's wings no longer sometimes appear during moves while the Alien Cloak Gear Ability is active
    • Blue Beetle - Fixed view being obstructed when performing Mandible Strike Meter Burn in the left corner of Arkham Asylum Cell Blocks
    • Blue Beetle - Fixed a bug causing Legendary Character Power meter to sometimes stop recharging after an Arena Transition occurs

    • Captain Cold - Big Freeze Meter Burn duration reduced to 3 seconds (down from 5)
    • Captain Cold - Fixed a bug causing Glacier Grenade’s 14 recovery animation frames to be skipped
    • Captain Cold - Glacier Grenade duration reduced to 5 ⅓ seconds (down from 6 ⅔)
    • Captain Cold - Greatly reduced combo damage scaling on Cryogenic Blast
    • Captain Cold - Fixed bug which could cause Darkseid's Punishment (Medium, Light) combo to sometimes destroy the Glacier Grenade’s collision

    • Catwoman - Slightly reduced forward walk speed
    • Catwoman - Low Evade is now much easier to execute with Input Shortcuts off
    • Catwoman - Fixed a bug that prevented Cat Dash from being able to be parried
    • Catwoman - The airborne 2nd and 3rd hit of Rising Claw can no longer be parried

    • Cheetah - Legendary Claws of Death now appears in Practice Mode reversal/wakeup options

    • Cyborg - Added new Cybernetic Sweep special move (Down, Away + Hard Attack)
    • Cyborg - Cyber Attack (Medium, Hard) now attacks with the weaponized big arm, has its hit region adjusted, has 2 more active frames, 1 less recovery frame on miss, and 1 more recovery frame on hit / block
    • Cyborg - Power Fist has 10 more block stun frames, 10 more block recovery frames, and can now be Meter Burned on block / miss
    • Cyborg - Power Fist Meter Burn now has increased pushback on block, 15 more block stun frames, 15 more block recovery frames, and recovers 5 frames faster on miss
    • Cyborg - Increased base damage of Techno Tackle and Techno Tackle Meter Burn by 2

    • Darkseid - Fixed a bug which could cause the Character Power Demon Blast to be pre-maturely destroyed when used on the right side of Slaughter Swamp

    • Deadshot - Reduced the meter gain when executing all Wrist Shot and Rifle special moves
    • Deadshot - Increased combo damage scaling on Assassin Knee
    • Deadshot - Wrist Cannon now has 14 startup frames (up from 11), 10 more recovery frames on block / miss, 6 less recovery frames on hit, and 6 less hit advantage
    • Deadshot - Deadly Assault Meter Burn can now be clashed.

    • Dr Fate - Can no longer Meter Burn Displacer Orb while Backdashing, during hit stun / block stun, knocked down, or performing a block escape
    • Dr Fate - Sharidum's Lock Meter Burn is no longer immune to throws

    • Firestorm - Added new Heat Flux special move (Down, Away, Medium) which will gain Character Power meter while being charged
    • Firestorm - Atom Bomb gear ability input is now Down, Back, Hard and It now replaces Atomic Burst
    • Firestorm - Reduced the hit advantage of Molten Trap Meter Burn by 24 frames
    • Firestorm - Character Power fully charged time is now 12 secs (down from 12.5)
    • Firestorm - Eternal Flame now has 37 recovery frames (down from 58)
    • Firestorm - Heat Wave (Away + Hard) has 5 less hit recovery and can now be directed forward for increased range while adding 5 more recovery frames on block / miss
    • Firestorm - Vapor Jab (Jump + Light) now has 5 startup frames (down from 9)
    • Firestorm - Double Burst (Jump + Medium) had its hit region adjusted

    • Flash - Flip stance no longer slightly moves Flash forward or back and no longer causes visual issues when used repeatedly
    • Flash - Visual effects for Speed Zone Character Power no longer conflicts with "Unrivaled Speed" Epic Gear bonus when Quick Cooldown is active in practice mode
    • Flash - Fixed visual effects for Super move lingering on miss in certain circumstances
    • Flash - Fists of Fury’s follow up attacks have had their hit regions adjusted to hit more consistently

    • Gorilla Grodd - Straight Paw (Down + Light) has had its hit region adjusted

    • Green Lantern - Armor on Mechanized Assault (Super move) increased to 30 frames (up from 20)

    • Joker - Added new Death Spin special move (Down, Back + Hard)
    • Joker - Added new Stab-Aroo normal attack (Away + Medium)
    • Joker - The input for Chattering Teeth and Surprise Box Gear Ability is now Down, Down + Hard
    • Joker - Adjusted hit regions on several normal attacks
    • Joker - Crowbar Slam (Away + Hard) now recovers 5 frames faster on hit
    • Joker - BANG! has increased pushback on hit with +5 hit advantage (up from 0)
    • Joker - Side Order of Pie Gear Ability now has 20 frames of recovery on miss after the armor wears off and recovers 40 frames faster on block

    • Poison Ivy - Added New Chompy and Bitey Bash special move (Down, Towards + Medium)

    • Raiden - Victim region near the head adjusted slightly
    • Raiden - Fixed lingering FX from Power Bolt Gear Ability in certain situations
    • Raiden - Fixed Raiden's victory cinematic blue dragon sometimes appearing one frame too early
    • Raiden - Character Power startup is now 1 frame faster, recovers 3 frames faster, has 1 sec longer duration, and the cooldown is 1 sec shorter
    • Raiden - Raiden's throw now does additional damage if Character Power is active
    • Raiden - Raiden's Lightning Trap Meter Burn Gear Ability no longer builds meter on block
    • Raiden - Fixed issue with the camera sometimes quickly moving when the Thunder Cloud (Light, Light, Medium, Away + Hard) combo is done in some corners

    • Red Hood - Victim region near the head adjusted slightly
    • Red Hood - Lethal Lunge Meter Burn base damage reduced by 1
    • Red Hood - Lethal Lunge has 5 more recovery frames on block and 5 less block stun frames
    • Red Hood - Lethal Lunge Meter Burn has its hit region adjusted, has 5 less recovery frames, 5 less block stun frames with reduced pushback, and 2 less hit advantage
    • Red Hood - Ground Mine base damage reduced by 2
    • Red Hood - Air Akimbo Blaze & Air Akimbo Blaze Meter Burn can now be clashed

    • Scarecrow - Character power base damage is increased to 1.5 (up from 1 per hit, with damage ticking every 90 frames (up from 60)
    • Scarecrow - Character power does reduced damage (2/3) while scarecrow is in hit stun
    • Scarecrow - Panic-Port startup is now 14 frames (down from 21), has 27 recovery frames (down from 29) and becomes projectile invulnerable after 6 frames
    • Scarecrow - Fixed Panic-Port smoke visual effects sometimes being misaligned if performed immediately following a jump
    • Scarecrow - Panic-Port can now be special canceled into Death Bed (Super move) after he teleports
    • Scarecrow - Ground Shaker (Hard) now has 15 startup frames (down from 17) and 1 less active frame
    • Scarecrow - Fixed issue with the view becoming obstructed during a forward throw in the corner of some Arenas
    • Scarecrow - Legendary Traumatize Meter Burn attack is now unblockable
    • Scarecrow - Fully holding Toxin Breath while Black Adam hits Scarecrow with his Character Power no longer sometimes causes Scarecrow to become unresponsive in some instances

    • Sub-Zero - Max base stat attributes changed to Health - 1150, Defense - 1450, Strength - 1600, Ability - 1650 (from Health - 1050, Defense - 1500, Strength - 1700, Ability - 1600)

    • Supergirl - Legendary Kryptonian Laser cancels no longer auto correct her facing
    • Supergirl - Fixed a bug where Air Straight Laser could sometimes auto correct her facing as it completed
    • Supergirl - Fully holding Frost Breath while Black Adam hits Supergirl with his character power no longer sometimes causes Supergirl to become unresponsive in some instances

    • Starfire - Max base stat attributes changed to Health - 1100, Defense - 1450, Strength - 1600, Ability - 1700 (from Health - 1050, Defense - 1500, Strength - 1700, Ability - 1600)

    • Swamp Thing - Refoliation & Trunk Punch (Hard) now have armor when executed while Swamp Thing is standing in Abigail's Garden Character Power
    • Swamp Thing - Refoliation startup is now 16 frames (down from 17), active frames increased to 8 frames (up from 4), 7 less miss recovery frames, 3 less hit / block recovery frames
    • Swamp Thing - Refoliation Meter Burn startup is now 5 frames (down from 12) and has 1 more hit recovery frame
    • Swamp Thing - Log Kick startup is now 20 frames (down from 22) and has 10 less miss / block recovery frames
    • Swamp Thing - Bayou Bash can now be held to increased its range, when then results in longer recovery on block /miss depending on held time up to an additional 7 frames

    • Wonder Woman - Fixed Lasso Grab and Lasso Grab Meter Burn visual placement on Starfire
    • Wonder Woman - Adjusted input buffer window for doing a jump attack from Hermes' Blessing (Air) Dash
    • Wonder Woman - Fixed Wonder Woman sometimes being hit by Poison Ivy's Up Rooted (Down + Medium) or Quick Bloom (Away + Hard) after successfully parrying them


    Sub-Zero & Starfire No important changes

    Swamp Thing:
    -3 and D,B,2 have armor in trait
    -B,F,3 can be held to move further
    -D,B,1 now safe on block


    -New B+2, overhead combo starter
    -The old B+2 is now a special move (D,B,3) it is a semi invincible wakeup attack
    -D,F,1 is now +5 on hit. Knocks back further


    -D,B,3 is a new special move, low swipe. It's a wakeup attack
    -2,3 has increased range and active frames
    -D+3 now safe on block
    -D,B,2 MB now can come out on block and whiff

    Poison Ivy:
    -D,F,2 is a new special move. Fully invincible wakeup attack

    -Walk speed decreased

    -Increased charge time for bats, 9 → 12 seconds
    -Decreased meter gain dramatically for batarangs (now builds about half)
    -J+2 hitbox changed to be more horizontal (no more vortex??)

    Red Hood:
    -Gotham stars build less meter
    -Mine, MB lunge, do less chip and build less meter
    -Meter less lunge now more punishable on block

    -Wrist shot builds less meter, slower startup on wrist shot, slightly more recovery on whiff
    -Projectiles build less meter
    -Raw D,B,3 MB now clashable

    Blue Beetle:
    -Decreased damage scaling on a lot of moves
    -Some hitbox fixes on attacks

    -Has D,B,2 to charge up trait
    -Trait passively charges faster
    -U+1 now has 5 frames startup
    -Charging B+3 becomes more negative but goes further (still safe)

    Captain Cold:
    -Puddle lasts for 3 seconds (down from 5)
    -Chip damage bubble lasts 1 second less
    -Level 3 trait has significantly reduced damage scaling (also increased damage on normal moves)

    -Trait chip damage does more damage per tick but happens less frequently (lower DPS)
    -While in hitstun (like a combo) trait chip damage reduced by 1/3
    -Faster teleport, now has projectile invulnerability on frame 6 (5 frames startup)

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Discussion in 'Injustice 2' started by xKhaoTik, Nov 6, 2017.

    1. Basic Stupidity
      Basic Stupidity
      the patch is out on xbox so if you have xbox you have all of the changes
    2. xKhaoTik
      You would think someone from Xbox would’ve at least started a thread with some of the changes but w/e
    3. foxof42
      Thanks for putting this here. So just wondering then, does this mean Cold's ex bubble freezes faster? Because that honestly would seem like a buff...
      JBeezYBabY likes this.
    4. Ram
      beetle also got some hitbox fixes
    5. gam224
      Add to joker there is increased knock back on hit plz
    6. xKhaoTik
      On hit of what
    7. Superman64
      Sorry I didn't test everything but deadshot and blue beetle. Gotta say the deadshot changes are very noticeable not saying it's super slow or bad just it's noticeably slower. Blue beetle only thing I could tell is db1 has less scaling but as far as that idk since I rarely play BB.
    8. Basic Stupidity
      Basic Stupidity
      its cuz theres like no differences that i could find so far that arent from the patch stream
      Last edited: Nov 6, 2017
    9. jmt
      Gun shot
    10. Hellz HitmaN
      Hellz HitmaN
      Just judging by the notes, it seems like Red Hood could have been over nerfed. Firestorm and Scarecrow (we need to see how good this teleport is) could be over buffed. Cyborg will also be much better with a good wakeup
      KIllaByte likes this.
    11. Basic Stupidity
      Basic Stupidity
      nah scarecrows tele is just a little bit better its not like raiden mb tele or anything. Supergirl is indisputable top 1 now though.
    12. gam224
    13. Flamelurkr
      Sg, black Adam, flash, maybe beetle?
    14. Eldriken
      Scarecrow now has a 5f teleport? Am I fucking reading that right?
    15. Basic Stupidity
      Basic Stupidity
      nah 14 frames start up 27 recovery
    16. Dankster Morgan
      Dankster Morgan
      My impressions from what is in th OP as of now:

      Scarecrow and Firestorm should’ve
      received ZERO buffs. What the fuck?

      Supergirl was already number 1 imo because she is/was the only character that can fight(and comfortably might I add) every character. Now that’s just more solidified. Really surprised nothing happened to her tbh

      So far it looks like Batman and Red Hood received good changes, nice job NRS

      Deadshot definitely got the short end of the stick. No reason to play him w/ Fate in the game now. Fate will now be the best zoner free and he can actually anti air.

      Catwoman totally cheesed out lmao

      Swamp Thing, Joker, and Cyborg seem like pretty legit characters now, that’s very cool.

      I don’t necessarily think Captain Cold needed to be touched but that looks fine.

      Blue Beetle fine sure doesn’t really matter.

      Poison Ivy’s change doesn’t seem like a huge deal, I don’t play Ivy but I woulda probably rather had the D2 not be ass lol. But this is good, Ivy was already pretty good imo, just not the greatest.

      Black Adam just bamboozled his way back in to top 5 lmao.

      I think the new top dogs are gonna be Supergirl, Catwoman, Black Adam, and Fate(who nobody is talking about, Fate is probably top ten rn).

      I like this patch, I just wouldn’t have touched Deadshot’s zoning and instead got rid of his 50/50 so you couldn’ve been rewarded for working your way in. I woulda actually done something to Catwoman, Supergirl, and Adam. But its alright, the game will be better than it is now by a little bit and ig that’s the goal.
    17. Flamelurkr
      I think everything about your post is spot on, but bb might be a wild card tbh
    18. Doctor Angel
      Doctor Angel
      Joker being legitimately better is a fucking gaaaaaaaaame changer for me.
      Like, he wasn't even close to IJ1 terrible, but now he can actually compete.

      This is better news than I thought I was gonna get.

      AND Scarecrow's Teleport's been buffed? Stahp.

      I was totally prepared for this patch to disappoint the shit out of me, but I was wrong.
      JBeezYBabY likes this.
    19. Error
      All things considered, these are very fair sounding top tiers that don't necessarily dominate anyone for the most part.
    20. Peckapowa
      scarecrow can react to projectiles now - that is such an insanely huge buff....
      KIllaByte likes this.
    21. Moms4lif3
      So I have not played since the patch but I agree with most of the changes.

      Changing Cold I am not sure on tho, but I get why they did it. As a cold player I agree that a lot of his MUs were really lopsided, either he wins well or loses badly. But if all of the changes turn out to make him less viable he will probably go back to being kinda useless.

      Also I don't get how they look at cold and be like 'this is a little much' and for SG like 'she's fine, sure'.
      The changes to Batman seem a little much imo he is stupid, yes, but definitely beatable
      HellblazerHawkman and KIllaByte like this.
    22. KIllaByte
      it's worth noting that Swamp Thing's BF3 also goes under mid projectiles.
    23. Knoterror
      Scarecrow is fine. Teleport is still punishable and it was basically useless at high level anyway. In a game with d1 true combos? Only a few projectiles in the game have bad enough recovery for teleport to be a problem for in the first place. It was primarily used to get in for trait damage to win rounds. That's really it.

      I'm happy with trait changes too. Feels fair to everyone.
      Last edited: Nov 7, 2017
    24. AkioOf100
      Hahaha. Blue Beetle top 16 anyone? :^)
      JBeezYBabY likes this.

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