Injustice 2 Patch Notes - December Update

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By STORMS on Nov 28, 2017 at 8:53 PM

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    The notes can be found below:


    • General Gameplay fixes
    • General stability and Online stability improvements
    1. Move list corrections and improvements to AI logic
    2. Legendary Multiverse Portals are now available for Gorilla Grodd, Green Lantern, Joker, & Superman

    • Stage Specific Fixes
    1. Atlantis - Fixed a bug where someone slamming a statue while the other player jumped off it with specific timing could cause it to be able to slammed again after being destroyed
    2. Batcave - Fixed bug where the camera could lose focus on the characters after remaining idle for an extended period of time

    • Character Specific Fixes
    • Atrocitus - Hate Pounce now correctly gets the damage increase granted by Legendary augment "Feline Fury"
    • Black Canary - Fixed a bug where the opponent would not be grounded after hitting a Canary Drop MeterBurn when the opponent was not facing her
    • Blue Beetle - Fixed issue with several Gear Abilities not being active when equipped in conjunction with his Legendary Accessory "The Reach's Finest Battle Scarab"
    • Brainiac - Fixed a bug where Cybernetic Charge was always keeping opponents on the same side, which could prevent it from being able to be jumped over or slide under
    • Captain Cold - adjusted the input window of Character Power special attacks and they require a more precise input
    • Captain Cold - Big Freeze MeterBurn will no longer linger it’s visual FX after hitting Hellboy while he has Broom's Rosary active
    • Captain Cold - Fixed a bug with Len's Thermal Motion Negating Gun Legendary item that would cause meter to drain faster than normal if the character power button was repeatedly pressed
    • Captain Cold - Fixed a bug that could prevent Captain Cold from reaching level 3 charge multiple times in a row when Len's Thermal Motion Negating Gun Legendary item is equipped
    • Cyborg - Round win animations now use the Dark Matter effects if his Legendary is equipped
    • Cyborg - Practice mode option Character Power Quick Cooldown now works correctly even if the Mother Box attack misses
    • Firestorm - Fixed sound effect not stopping when Firestorm dash cancels Heat Wave (Away + Hard)
    • Green Arrow - Fixed a rare bug which could cause one of the arrows in Sky Alert MeterBurn to visually be missing when done twice in rapid succession
    • Green Lantern - "Street Sweeper" Gear Augment now has audio on the last volley of bullets
    • Hellboy - Fixed several attacks causing incorrect reactions when hitting Hellboy while he has Broom's Rosary active
    • Hellboy - Fixed issues where opponent's parries could sometimes cause an incorrect animation to play on Hellboy while he has Broom's Rosary active
    • Hellboy - Visual effects from Broom's Rosary will no longer sometimes linger after practice reset
    • Hellboy - Vasilisa's Gift MeterBurn Gear Ability will no longer sometimes cause an opponent to move to an incorrect location when hitting them out of a dash
    • Hellboy - "Holy Hand Grenade" Gear Augment will no longer leave a lingering FX when a transition occurs
    • Hellboy - "Lucky Horseshoe" Gear Augment now can only activate after hitting an opponent with a 7 or more hit combo, as the text description says
    • Hellboy - "Lucky Horseshoe" Gear Augment no longer activates in practice mode
    • Poison Ivy - "Acidic Bile" Gear Augment now applies to Burrow
    • Sub-Zero - Fixed as issue where an opponent's weapon could switch hands at an unexpected time when hit by Ground Freeze MeterBurn gear ability
    • Superman - Fixed an issue with opponent's head tracking being temporarily incorrect after being hit by Air Heat Vision
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Discussion in 'Injustice 2' started by STORMS, Nov 28, 2017.

    1. Cerbero
      edit: enough trolling for the week.
      Last edited: Nov 29, 2017
    2. Deadpool2020

      One change it seems wasn't included in the notes is that you receive a silver box now for winning an AI simulator battle instead of a gold box. A real bummer.
      Raiderhorn, BruskyPoet, Jelan and 4 others like this.
    3. Eldriken
      You should just change the title to "Bug Fix Notes". =P
    4. Marinjuana
      • Brainiac - Fixed a bug where Cybernetic Charge was always keeping opponents on the same side, which could prevent it from being able to be jumped over or slide under

      Also, funny use of the words "slide under". What's the correct grammar here? Prevent it from being slide under? That doesn't sound right. Slid under? Slided? Slode?
    5. Eldriken
      I'd go with "slid". Sounds right to me. lol
    6. Braindead
    7. colt
      There are better rewards for beating someone of the same/higher level now. Notes will be updated with details.
    8. Marinjuana
      Holy shit that is a huge change they just made for Brainiac. He can no longer side switch with Cyber Charge mid combo. I don't get it, they just changed half of his BnBs.

      MB Divekick, B3, BF3, 12~DB2 no longer connects because of the lack of side switch.

      Edit: For balance it lowers his damage off of divekick and prevents easy background bounce loops. I guess that was the idea.

      Last edited: Nov 28, 2017
    9. DarksydeDash
      Someone check to see if Hellboy b22 doesn't go through crouching females.
    10. Marinjuana
      I'm assuming the second 2(mid) was whiffing? It's working on CW now.
    11. ImperatrixSindel
      Only four new legendaries? I thought they said seven per patch.
    12. Cashual
      I was pumped to see a GL change....until I read it was a buff to his sound effect for a gear

      NRS trolling GL community confirmed y'all.
    13. Vigilante24
      This alone has me scared to find out what his Legendary augment is. Might troll the shit out of us. "1% chance Lantern's Might reverts back to Inj 1 LM" or some shit. :(
      Kooron Nation and Cashual like this.
    14. Cashual
      Legendary gear augment: Super becomes just usable/fast enough to actually fulfill the "finish 100 matches with super move" requirement to get the legendary gear.....:DOGE

      Seriously, I saw that requirement and was like, yeah this is gonna take a while lol. Not to mention we need meter for literally everything we do...

      And I hate that the lantern is his gear. don't even see the damn lantern...and a lot of people speculate that trait will always be active, if that's true, you'd only see the lantern for OCL and it's only on screen for a split second anyway.

      What if GL's legendary is he gets one special move from the opponent's move set but the move comes out in the form of a construct!!! That'd be lit.
      Amplified$hotz and Vigilante24 like this.
    15. Vengeance135
      Oh... no firestorm nerfs yet... damn...
    16. just_2swift
      No why do that to brainiac
    17. Roy Arkon
      Roy Arkon
      Yeah that's weird, I guess they wait until they released Atom to release the other 3 for Harley, Aquaman and Canary, and they only give us those 4 for now just we can play them for the time being, if you're one of those who actually want to unlock all of the Legendaries.

      In any case good patch.
    18. Invincible Salads
      Invincible Salads
      wait, what background bounce loops did he have? o.0 i wasnt aware of this, lol
    19. Marinjuana
      It might not have looped over and over again depending on the spacing but you could have done a normal BNB off a background bounce which would leave them in the BGB zone where you could meaty them.
    20. Invincible Salads
      Invincible Salads
      well im sure you can still set it up, just might have to lose a bit of damage.

      also he still has his heavy damaging combo's with trait that don't require bf3.
    21. Sindelia
      You mean a Platinum Mother Box instead of a Gold. And you get a Gold instead of a Bronze when you lose now.
      Roy Arkon likes this.
    22. Roy Arkon
      Roy Arkon
      Really? That's dope.
    23. Basic Stupidity
      Basic Stupidity
      • Brainiac - Fixed a bug where Cybernetic Charge was always keeping opponents on the same side, which could prevent it from being able to be jumped over or slide under
      Uh oh

      RIP brainiac

      Also:brainiac getting nerfed before supergirl
      Such a sad world we live in
      Last edited: Nov 29, 2017
    24. Belial
      Nrs next level patching

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