Video/Tutorial Injustice 2: Learning To Whiff Punish Specific Strings

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  1. Injustice 2: Learning To Whiff Punish Specific Strings


    Hello everyone,

    Protagonist_1 here at it again. I wanted to get into making tutorial videos, so I thought why not do tutorial videos on improving whiff punishing strings. The following video is a step by step process on how to practice the spacing regarding a string that may be causing issues, and working your way up to punishing it consistently:

  2. Additional tips:
    • Nothing beats playing actual matches so play against others after doing these drills
    • When playing a specific matchup, record you matches to see when players tend to use the string most, and how you can bait it out
    • Recreate scenarios in practice mode from match footage
    • Practice consistently, every character has their own unique tools so by doing this you can get used to their neutral game
    • Have fun!
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    Good tips... These should be added into a tutorial with rewards to players that do it and humiliations for the ones that don't. With tips like these a bible of fighting games can be made.
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    >Play Robin
  5. Scott The Scot

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    Very interesting stuff @Protagonist_1 ! I went ahead and also quickly tested this for Starfire(as in I didn't spend more than 30 seconds per character testing it or making sure the timing is perfect). The following characters D1 attempt will whiff when they crouch block Starfire's d1 and she walks back:

    Black Adam
    Black Canary
    Dr Fate
    Green Lantern
    Red Hood

    Joker was inconsistent for me. Sometimes his D1 would reach and sometimes it wouldn't. More often than not it'd whiff, probably be a me issue though.

    Other characters have mids that they might as well use such as Supergirl since her B1 is 9f which is the same as her D1's startup. It should trade with a second Starfire D1 though, since it is 6f and -3 ob. Supergirl would be +7 after the trade with the difference in hit advantage, however. Supergirls cousin Kal on the other hand, has an 8f F2 and thus he can just do that if Starfire attempts to do anything after D1 that isn't a special cancel, MB B3, Super or double backdash (leaves her around -3 ish after Superman whiffs F23, but at a safe distance out of his reach!).

    If I were to bet, that list would be mostly correct for Cyborg, too. Give or take maybe a couple of characters.
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  6. Thanks @Scott The Scot for testing this out, I'm going to try this with Cyborg later tonight and see what results I get. I tested it with Supergirl already, but I can't get it to whiff with Cyborg, that's the matchup I struggle with the most so I was really hoping it would work haha.
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  7. Wigy

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    Big fan of these threads good work.
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  8. Scott The Scot

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    I think it doesn't work on Starfire because she floats rather than walks lol. And as we know Supergirl goes notoriously low to the ground :p
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