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Injustice 2 Intercontinental Championship Finals Results!


We are returned! Death to the False Emperor!

The final phases of the Injustice 2 Intercontinental Championship were played out last night, as the final stage played out, featuring the winners of the Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Australian and Middle Eastern heats, with a coveted spot in the IPS finale on the line!

This features some frankly unbelievably high level play, with incredible footsies, conversions and fundamentals on display. You can check out this play below. No spoilers here (although there will be on Twitter), except for saying that with players like Tekken Master, K-Top, Foxy and Shark Teeth on display, it's some damn juicy Injustice Action.

Commentary is provided by the inimitable Ketchup, Mustard and Mitsuownes (who should really take the pseudonym Relish for such moments).

As always, be sure to check back to TYM every day for the latest news on Injustice 2, the Mortal Kombat series and everything NRS!
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Quick, we better complain about starfire some more, she's such an easy pocket pick that every single match might not have a catwoman or batman in it.

This was really fun to watch, just had a lot of down time between matches.