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Injustice 2 Bugs thread


On Kahndaq, in the Adam's Palace portion of the map, if you stand fullscreen with the opponent near (about a dash or so out from) the right corner and you left underneath the brazier interactable, if a super strength character jumps and throws it, the camera will back out and bushes from the foreground will move forward and block the view of the camera.


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It looks like there's a bug for Starfire in the Survivor Tower multiverse event. Her super move has three or four low hits before launching the opponent and if they block all but the last one, the super move works, but you don't get credit for it with the health regen at the end of the fight. If they get hit before the last low strike, everything works fine, but if it's only that last one it doesn't.
Not sure if it's a bug or working as intended. Things like this (including meta challenges that require X-amount of special moves to connect) do not count until the first hit connects.

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Green Arrow's low arrow animation now has him get by high projectiles. I am pretty sure this is unintentional, and a result of the patch that removed his other glitch where he went through highs.
Green Arrow's 111 string into background bounce is stance specific.
Black Manta's F21 and 2D3 strings into background bounce are stance specific.

Also, I'm not sure if this is intentional, but Black Manta's Hitbox/Hurtbox on his teleport probably needs adjustment since it loses to a lot of normals and projectiles on his way up. This includes projectiles like Batman's Up Batarang and Superman's Ground Laser. I doubt this is intentional since his teleport appears to be a kounter-zoning tool.

Also, his own laser beats it out konsistently as well.


I am experiencing a glitch where when I try to join a Group Battle clicking Join sends to the Injustice 2 page on PS Store


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Right so I have not come across this topic so figured I'll make one so we can archive bugs in the game.
Please list any bugs you might find so I can update the main post.


  • There appears to be an issue with gear vanishing from the Overflow inventory, no clue what's causing it, needs further investigation.
  • Some times a character does not get their second ability after reaching level 20
  • Some times a characters loadout does not unlock upon reaching the required levels
  • Some times a characters Hero Card items do not unlock upon reaching the required levels


  • Green Arrow: Green Arrows boxing glove arrow which is a mid can be ducked by Batman, Canary, Cheetah, Flash, Scarecrow, and Swamp Thing. Swamp Thing can only duck it from full screen though.
  • Firestorm: Firestorm glitches out and vanishes for a second when ducking under projectiles at a specific timing (Video further down in the thread)
  • Black Canary: Ending the round/First Health bar of the opponent with Level 3 Canary Cry can cause the sound to remain muffled/suppressed for the remainder of the match
  • Harley Quinn: Hyena's sometimes do not come out, glitch can be recreated, See video: https://twitter.com/awkward_slothy/status/871941463894089730
  • Superman: Occasionally, when the opponent blocks Superman's grounded meterless db1, a red spark lingers in the air for a few seconds. (PS4 only?, need confirmation)


  • Putting the PS4 in Rest mode while Injustice 2 is active can cause a multitude of problems such as loss of character levels, and losing access to DLC like The Gods and Demons Shaders, Unless fixed, this will most likely occur with DLC characters too. (This should be avoidable by closing the game before putting the PS4 in Rest Mode, it also can be rerolled back when the bug occurs by simply closing the game and rebooting it)
    Note: From what I gather, the game does a check to an online server to see if you have valid access to the DLC, if you boot the game up from Rest Mode you start the game offline, and even though you can go online, it doesn't redo the DLC check when coming back online.

Xbox One

  • Suspending the game (Opening other applications like Youtube while the game is running) while in practice mode and going back will sometimes swap the shoulder buttons (Only work around is rebooting the game when it occurs)
Batman’s trait bats will stay in the victory screen if the opponent dies from batarang and if he activates trait while the batarang still hasn’t hit the opponent yet.