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Injustice 2 Bugs thread


On Xbox using a Fightstick TE 2 (KI edition)
- When turning on my xbox, I need to start the game TWICE to get it working with the fightstick. first time it always says "please select another profile", second time work all the time, and so on till I shut the xbox down.

- Everytime I start the game, the controller config reset to default, even thought it says that the CUSTOM 1 is equiped, I have to equip another one, re equip the good one to it to work.

I think it's related to the use of the fightstick cause I had no problems like this when I used my controller (RIP).
Those issues are slowing getting on my nervs so hope NRS see and fix that!

(sorry for the bad english)


There's a bug regarding progression rewards. My special moves landed progression rewards me for every special move now that I've maxed out the progression. So I'm sitting at 10066/10000 and counting. Every time I land a special move I get +10,000 xp and +10,000 credits. This is on Xbox.


Following up on my above post. I played online matches last night and the massive XP and coin bonuses from this bug has made me go from lvl 72 to lvl 84, and i've gotten over 7,000,000 credits in brother eye. In just a few hours. All i'm doing is playing normally and it's rewarding me every single time I do a special move.

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But I didn't want to dash
I don't know if it's intended but with green arrow his air arrows tend to whiff vs characters when they are close and airborne. It usually happens if I jump with an arrow ready as they air dash into me. If I release when they're close (which is the only time I can in a lot of cases) the arrow will go right through them.

Is this intended?
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More Input Bugs
During Clash if you remap buttons sometimes it will register your remap for your input.
Typically it uses the default so
Square -1 Bar
Triangle - 2 Bar
x - 3 Bar
Circle - 4 Bar

Yet when I use Triangle or Circle sometimes it will input 1 bar and 3 bar respectively.


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It forgetting what shaders I'm using is driving me a little crazy. It's like everytime I have to restart the game it thinks the shaders are new and drops them from use and I have to go back into customize to fix it.


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Minor if it's indeed a bug (probably): Batman seems to have only 1 idle animation (besides standing) in the game. I think it's a bug because every other character in the game has at least 3-5 idle animations.. just seems a bit odd that Batman of all characters would have only one.


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Ahhh, possibly. The guy I was playing against refused to select it. I'll check tomorrow when I log on and see. Good catch.

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Problem X Promotions
Anybody ever experienced buttons switching offline before? Also any explanation of how Nivek and Biohazard managed to swap p1 and p2 sides at viennality without swapping profiles?

These 2 things I can't figure out.
Anybody ever experienced buttons switching offline before? Also any explanation of how Nivek and Biohazard managed to swap p1 and p2 sides at viennality without swapping profiles?

These 2 things I can't figure out.
I reckon Dragon messed up your controls man, he was shaking like a shitting dog before the match! :DOGE
It looks like there's a bug for Starfire in the Survivor Tower multiverse event. Her super move has three or four low hits before launching the opponent and if they block all but the last one, the super move works, but you don't get credit for it with the health regen at the end of the fight. If they get hit before the last low strike, everything works fine, but if it's only that last one it doesn't.


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During match replays, some of Captain Cold's sound effects like when he's charging trait or when lvl 2 trait is out become glitched and do not stop playing until the end of the replay.


Since the update, Brother Eye has gone bananas. It overwrites any gear that you Regen with whatever pops out no matter whether you accept the new one or click to keep original gear.


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Just a few clips I have, there might be more I've got but haven't trimmed yet

Wonder Woman walking straight through the first hit of low rifle for some reason

Not sure if this was just a multiverse thing or something with sweep but trident just started floating

This has been patched but this is the original clip of how I found this even happened

Then when I tested it further this happened
Downloaded the new patch and now I can't access Darkseid. I tried downloading him from my add-ons and I tried restoring my licenses but he's still unavailable. Did anyone else run into trouble with this?