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Injustice 2 50/50s


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Hardly anyone thanked @Laos_boy for taking the time to do this. Many just jumped in “Hey but such and such character’s is reactable/not a 50/50 blah blah.” I think a handful actually thanked you. But i will thank you, because this tedious work often goes unappreciated.
Thanks I appreciate people like you. But yeah they'll always be those people. I'm sure everyone has been hit by these mix ups at least once I know I have. And yes it was a lot of work lol.

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Flash can F3 can cross up or not, so that's another one

So can Green Lantern

Firestorm can force you to block a cross up / non cross up reset from many situations

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I dont know if you’re counting scenarios this specific but Sub-Zero gets a 50/50 every time he ends a corner combo with MB Polar Puncture between J2(crossup) and J3(non-crossup), both launch


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I don't think anyone is really bagging on the list or anything, it's more that 50/50 is a very broad term. Especially in Injustice where you also consider cross ups are a thing as well.

Like is something a 50/50 if it's fuzzyable? Does it depend on how fuzzyable it is? Are tick throws 50/50s?

The whole spectrum is just VERY broad and I think a lot of people are confused since a lot of "50/50s" are fuzzy able in injustice, even if not at face value. Example A is Atro's classic F223 mix which isn't really a mix as we now know since it can be fuzzy guarded, but it's still totally possible to get hit by if you don't know the fuzzy.


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Great list. I think most if not all of these 50/50s are pretty legit. Injustice 2 50/50s were designed so that you have to be smart when using them, not like MKX where 50/50s were braindead. So just because a 50/50 is reactable or fuzziable doesn't mean that you shouldn't do it. If you use them right, your opponent's going to get hit (especially in a tournament setting where nerves come into play).