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Injustice 2 50/50s


Meow Hoes
Hey Guys i compiled a list of "50/50s" in the game
Remember that everyone has an overhead f3 and a low d3 but f3s and d3s werent included unless its super viable.
also some arent really 50/50s but it works more than it should so i included them ( starfires f22 and 21)
and correct me if im wrong about the safety or whether or not theyre fuzzy-able or reactable
also didnt include 50/50s through heavy set ups like jokers teeth
i am missing some characters but ill be correcting and adding
    • The Flash
      • D12 and F2
        • Cant fuzzy
        • saftey depends on the special move
        • Launcher
        • Leads to vortex
    • Aquaman
      • 223 and 22 low scoop
        • 223 is a HKD and low scoop launches through MB
        • Low scoop is unsafe
        • Cant fuzzy
      • B1 and b2
        • Both can launch
        • Both can be safe
        • B2 is reactable
      • F13 and f1 low scoop
        • Both can launch
        • Low scoop is unsafe
        • Can fuzzy
    • Atrocitous
      • F2233 and f22-blood-nado or f223-blood-nado
        • During strings
        • 2 50/50s in a row
        • Low will always launch, the first over head will launch if cancelled into BN
        • Everything is unsafe can be made "less unsafe" if trait is out
        • Can fuzzy?
        • Watch out for MB f3
    • Atom
      • F3 and Atom Bomb
        • F3 launches
        • Both are plus
        • They are both around 28f but f3 is reactable kind of
    • Brainiac
      • Dive kick and D1
        • Launcher, DK needs MB and d1 needs BGB
        • Unsafe
        • Can be made safe with trait
    • Blue Beetle
      • B2 and MB Low Stab
        • Launcher, if OH is cancelled into low stab
        • Low is unsafe, OH is unsafe is cancelled into low Stab
        • Cant Fuzzy
      • B2 and D3
        • Safe
        • OH is Safe if cancelled into Shield Bash
    • Black Canary
      • 23 and 21
        • During string
        • Launcher
        • Safe with trait
        • Can Fuzzy?
        • Can lead to restand with lvl 3 trait
      • Canary Drop
        • Cross up vs non Cross up
        • Used on knockdown or during strings
        • Unsafe off strings, can be made safe through set ups
        • Launcher
    • Batman
      • B23 and b2 Slide
        • Both CAN launch with CP
        • Both can be Safe with CP
        • Cant fuzzy
      • B23 and b2CPb11
        • Both can launch with CP
        • Both can be safe
        • You can react to the CP cancel into b1
    • Black Adam
      • F12 Grab or f12 Low lightning
        • Neither launch
        • F12grab is safe and low lightning is safe when MB
        • Low lightning is reactable
      • B2 or instant cross up j2
        • Both can launch
        • B2 can be safe ij2 is unsafe
        • Cant reactable but mainly done off set up
    • Black manta
      • B2 and f3
        • Both launch
        • F3 is reactable
        • F3 is plus and b22 is hit confirmable
    • Cheetah
      • High CMD grab and OH CMD grab
        • Launcher, if MB
        • Unsafe*, whiff recovery
        • Cant fuzzy but you can jump
    • Catwoman
      • 1f2 and 2d2
        • During strings
        • Low launches OH knocks down
        • OH is plus on block low is -7
        • Cant fuzzy? 1 and 2 low the same but 2 is a mid and 1 is a high
    • Captain Cold
      • D1 and 12
        • Unsafe
        • 122 can launch in corner
        • Can fuzzy
    • Deadshot
      • B12u3 and f23
        • Launcher*
        • Unsafe, depends on special
        • Cant Fuzzy
    • Darkseid
      • Low Stomp and b1
        • Unsafe
      • Jump in and Low Stomp
        • Low Stomp unsafe
    • Enchantress
      • B1 and 12
        • Both can launch through special
        • 122 is plus and b123 is safe-ish b1 into MB hex launches and is safe
        • You can react to 12?
      • CP and b1
        • CP is launches and b1 can launch
        • CP is plus and b1 can be safe
        • Not sure if you can fuzzy
    • Firestorm
      • B2 and Molten
        • Launcher* b2 only launches in trait
        • B2 is safe, molten is only safe through set ups
        • Cant Fuzzy
        • Leads to Vortex in trait
      • B12 and b1-Molton
        • During string
        • Unsafe
        • B12 only launches in trait and molten launches with MB
        • Can fuzzy?
    • Green Lantern
      • B1 and f3
        • Launcher
        • Can Fuzzy, b1 (9f) f3 (28f)
        • Low Is safe and OH is Plus
    • Green Arrow
      • F2d13 and f2d1-low arrow or stinger
        • During string
        • Launcher unless you go for Stinger and must have ice arrow loaded unless in the corner
        • Safe
        • Can fuzzy? Low arrow react able?
      • B2 and f2d1
        • During String
        • Launches if ice arrow is loaded unless in the corner
        • Safe
        • Can fuzzy, react to the first part of strings
      • OH arrow and Low arrow
        • Launcher if ice arrow is loaded
        • Safe
        • Can react to the overhead, Arrow type can determine the difficulty
    • Grodd
      • B1 and f3
        • Launcher
        • Can Fuzzy, b1 (20f) f3 (28f)
        • Low is unsafe but OH is neutral
        • Leads to a restand
    • Harley Quinn
      • B2 and f2
        • Can fuzzy, b2 (13f) f2 (26f)
        • Launcher
        • F23 is + on block
        • B2 can be hit confirmed
        • Unsafe is canceled into TS
    • Joker
      • B1 and b2 or Crazed Run
        • B1 launches b2 and CR knockdown
        • Low can be safe if you do b13 CR is -9
        • Can fuzzy b1/b2 b1/CR is harder
      • 213 or 21~b1
        • Stagger during strings
        • B1 can launch 213 is a knockdown
        • 213 is neutral and b1 can be safe but no combo
        • Can fuzzy and 21~b1 is a stagger
    • Poison Ivy
      • 213 and 21-DH3
        • 213 is plus on block DH3 is unsafe unless timed with trait
        • 213 launches and DH3 can launcher when timed with trait
        • Supposedly 213 is reactable
      • F213 and f21-DH3
        • F213 is safe
        • Both are HKDs
        • Cant Fuzzy
    • Robin
      • F2 and low Trait
        • Can only be done is trait is out
        • Launcher
        • F2 can be made safe through hit confirmed or MB DP
        • Cant fuzzy
      • F2 and D3
        • F2 launches and d3 is a HKD
        • Safe
        • Cant fuzzy
    • Superman
      • 223 and 22-Low Scoop
        • During strings
        • OH launches in corner, low launches if MB
        • Low is unsafe OH is safe
        • Can Option select back dash to block OH and avoid low
        • Can lead to a restand
    • Supergirl
      • B12 and b2 grab
        • During strings
        • Launcher
        • OH is unsafe, low is safe if you don’t want to combo, b12 breath has a 6f gap but mb breath is safe
        • Can fuzzy, You have to react to the first part of the strings
    • Starfire
      • 21 and f22
        • 21 can launch f22 is a KD
        • Both can be safe
        • You can react to the first part of the string
    • Swamp thing
      • F233 and f23 Log or f2 Log
        • Log doesn’t launch but f23 can launch and f233 launches
        • Both are safe
        • Cant fuzzy
      • B2323 and b232 Log
        • Neither launch
        • Both are safe
        • Overhead reactable?
    • Sub zero
      • 111 and 113 or 11slide
        • 111 can launch and 113 is a KD BUT 11slide can launch with Clone
        • The low is unsafe
        • Cant fuzzy
      • B11 and f3
        • Both can launch
        • F3 is plus and b11 is safe depending on the special
        • B11 is a double low but f3 is reactable
    • Wonder woman
      • F23 and b2
        • Both Launch
        • Cant fuzzy
        • Safe
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To clarify the 21 - 23 mix up with Black Canary. It's more than a 50/50. (Maybe it's less than a 50/50 :) )
You can delay the low so that it comes on the same frame as the overhead.
You can interrupt the overhead.
You cannot interrupt the low if not delayed.
You can interrupt the low if delayed.
Ahem!. Captain Cold has no 50/50's.Just block low always and poke or d2 the high before the overhead... It works every time... If cold whiffs a high just punish that garbage character that I used to main.
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The Wannabe Prodigy
What do you mean by CP? I noticed you used it for batman and enchantress. I presume for batman its about trait but what about enchantress?


I just wanted to note that GL's B1 is not safe. B1 is -14, B13 and B12 have punishable gaps.

GL has one overhead/low mixup. After whiffing F2 you can continue the string with D1 which is overhead or you can stop and do B1 as soon as you recover from F2. Both options comes out almost at the same frame (I don't remember how big is a difference and I can't check it now, but I am sure you can't really fuzzy it)


What about d1 frost breath instead of b12 frost breath?
Also AFAIK d1 walking laser can't be interrupted.


Meow Hoes
I know some of these aren't real 50/50s. Like the ones of 2 different strings. Like starfires or the ones with really slow ones. But I account for human error which I know should not real count when it comes to this. I'll change it. But I like the feedback


I know some of these aren't real 50/50s. Like the ones of 2 different strings. Like starfires or the ones with really slow ones. But I account for human error which I know should not real count when it comes to this. I'll change it. But I like the feedback
Leave it as it is. People claim Grodd 50/50 is reactible and swampthing is also, after you mix it up with other options they still get hit.

Invincible Salads

Seeker of knowledge
how is f121+3 and f12~low lightning w/ black adam a 50/50? u lost me m8.

it'd make more sense to call f12 & b2 a 50/50 because people will generally want to duck to try and get a punish on that string, but if they start ducking then u can hit em w b2.

D. R.

Leave it as it is. People claim Grodd 50/50 is reactible and swampthing is also, after you mix it up with other options they still get hit.
What other options does ST have to mix? He's incredibly easy to react to, especially OFFLINE. His only true 50/50 is d2xxGT or d2xxUptree while the opponent is in trait and/or the corner. Even then, smart players immediately push block trait pressure so there's that.

Great character



Idk if you are including crossup 50/50s but Atom has a crossup/non crossup 50/50 after his mb bf2 with a foward jump in 3. It is + and and relies on how deep into the jump you hit 3, if you hit at the top of his jump arc it hits in front but as a mid any later than that it is a crossup overhead, very similar to batman's grapple 50/50.
Also, his f3/atom bomb has a kinda similar animation, so a lot of people fall for it, and if you wanna get super gimmicky you can dash cancel the f3 into a b1.


Your hole is mine!
Is it really a 50/50 if its a 28f overhead? I mean....
This is usually the case, but certain moves have very similar animations and can make it so you can't recognise what move it is till later in the animation, making it a 50/50. Atom's F3 and his low special is a good example of this as both moves are VERY slow but have really similar animations and there aren't any obvious sound cues to distinguish between the two.