INJ2 is on its death bed. It's time for gear.

Discussion in 'Injustice 2' started by John Grizzly, Oct 9, 2018.

  1. Amplified$hotz

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    It needs new/more fun/diverse characters.

    You can’t tell me that Raven, Sinestro, Zod, Grundy, Nightwing, hawkgirl, Lex, Martian, Lobo, etc. dlc wouldnt revitalize the game.

    I2 is a better game but I1 cast was much “cooler” and from personal experience more people were able to “vibe” with a character in that game than this one.

    I know it would’ve been a lot of work. But fighter pack 0 should’ve happened.
  2. Cobainevermind87

    Cobainevermind87 Mid-match beer sipper

    I feel like the community has become spoiled, and now has the attention span of a toddler with ADHD.
  3. JBeezYBabY

    JBeezYBabY Mr. Righteous

    I feel you, but that's why NRS decided to break the cycle and take time on their new project.

    PLUS you cannot force people to watch/play a game they're not interested in. This site is proof that we all like the community, which is why we all continue to come back and converse. But IJ aint the game.
  4. SewerRat

    SewerRat Noob

    The truth is that we look at the game with unbelievable prejudice. Instead of observing the matches, and being involved with the players, empathizing with their current situations, and struggle of the match, all we say is "broke fire" or "Injustass." Pisses me off, because when I see high level injustice, there are so many variants of fighting game mechanics happening, it's beautiful.
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  5. jmt

    jmt Noob

    I love INJ2 but it is sooooooooo fucking dead
  6. CrimsonShadow

    CrimsonShadow Administrator and Community Engineer

    The comments after every single tournament I’ve seen (at least since the Deadshot era) have always said how great the matches were, how cool some of the comebacks and upsets were, how high the quality of competition was, etc. (look at the EVO thread, the SCR thread etc. if you don’t believe me, or even threads for stuff like the Top 8s).

    It’s mainly the people who didn’t watch, don’t follow the scene, or are just going by what someone else told them etc, who come in here and post saying the game needs XYZ to be hype again.

    (Meanwhile people are still playing Melee a decade later and screaming and jumping around for Smash top players that have been playing the same S-tier top characters in the exact same MUs for literally years. No new characters, no DLC, no patches. It’s all in the mindset).

    Imo what needs work isn’t the game, it’s our scene.
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  7. Marinjuana

    Marinjuana Up rock incoming, ETA 5 minutes

    I get that Injustice 2 is not everyone's cup of tea but I feel like there's problems with the community supporting the games. I imagine MK11 will revitalize the scene but for how long? I've only been following the scene that well since early MKX but the negativity has been pretty high for a long time now, it seemed to never stop from MKX. Whether it's because of competition or people being tired of aspects of NRS games, I'm just not confident that this community can sustain a game for more then a year or two, even if MK11 comes out and it kicks ass. Maybe that's what it needs though, a game so good that other FG communities just shut up and play it.

    I do wish that we could get a gear tourney to happen at some point, even if it was mostly just enthusiasts and not tournament players.
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  8. John Grizzly

    John Grizzly The axe that clears the forest
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    Or....we are just bored of watching it.

    There's just something about it that makes me lose interest in watching it played at a high level. I like the game and enjoyed the hell out of my time with it, but it just doesn't keep my interest long. I STILL watch people stream MKX, though. And as much shit as that game had thrown at it, I still think it's more fun than Injustice, both to play and watch.

    Anyone claiming INJ2 isn't all but dead is just kidding themselves.
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  9. John Grizzly

    John Grizzly The axe that clears the forest
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    I've watched every major up to EVO this past summer. I've seen most but not all since then. People just lose interest in things sometimes. I'm not trying to stir up shit here, I just think it would be fun to see a special tournament where all the gear is enabled. There's a bunch of broken stuff in this game people have never even seen. I'm not trying to replace the competitive version.

    As an example, Ketchup and Mustard posted some videos of variation swaps in MKX. That shit was insane and really fun to watch. I'd love to watch a variation swap tourney with all that stupid broken shit like Ferra/Torr using A-List Johnny moves.

    We have a long way to go until the next NRS games out. I'm just trying to think of ways to keep the most recent one fresh until then.
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  10. Obly

    Obly Noob

    I haven't kept careful track, but I feel like some variation of "Injustice 2 is so boring" is the most common complaint I hear and the most common reason given for quitting the game.

    I have to admit, I don't understand why folks find the game to be so dreadfully boring. So I'm super curious. For folks who agree that Inj2 is a boring game, what other current gen fighting game(s) do you think hit the right marks for lasting interest? And why--what is it that makes them more interesting to play?
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  11. JBeezYBabY

    JBeezYBabY Mr. Righteous

    The game is done. It is the scene, I agree, but the scene just needs a new game.
  12. Marinjuana

    Marinjuana Up rock incoming, ETA 5 minutes

    The games clearly not that popular from a competitive perspective but there's an upcoming tourney with 100k on the line and you're calling it dead. Some communities would be happy to just have an organized tournament.
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  13. CrimsonShadow

    CrimsonShadow Administrator and Community Engineer

    If the scene doesn’t improve, they will do the same thing with a new game once the newness wears off.

    I feel you on the hype that comes with a new game.. But at some point, we just have to commit to support our stuff, regardless of what it is, or how long it’s been since launch.
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  14. God Confirm

    God Confirm We're all from Earthrealm. If not, cool pic brah.

    you spent more time arguing with people about how bad Cheetah neutral is than actually playing the game this year, how sincere am I meant to believe your love for this game is lol?

    When MK11 drops I'm sure you'll say something similar, in between between glossing down Goro's neutral and Kitana's zoning of course

    I think if you were a bit more honest with yourself you'd find you have far more criticism with the game than you're admitting right now

    won't deny, I've always had the attention span of a toddler with ADHD... but in what way were we spoiled? MKX? we didn't even have a playable online for the first year of the game's scene

    yeah, dead communities
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  15. Espio

    Espio Ask Me About My Kurtis Stryker Agenda
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    What do you mean? I upload content all the time, Cheetah does have bad neutral. I just get tired of people upplaying her. I play actual good characters like Starfire and Blue Beetle and don't complain about them because they are well rounded and their offense isn't yolo mix ups, no safe specials, no fast or safe advancing button and the only fast ranged option has to be spaced perfectly so it isn't punishable by a plethora of down 1's. She's a decent character, that's it. Nothing wrong with that, but hyping her up is dishonest.

    I don't know why you think you have room to talk given that you whine about Cyrax and Smoke. "Oh no, Mileena wins 8-2". Like okay bro lol.
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  16. God Confirm

    God Confirm We're all from Earthrealm. If not, cool pic brah.

    nope, I was one of the few saying Smoke is a great character for a long time before others picked up on it, however I don't think giving a female hitbox character an invincible meterless launching reversal vs literally every single gap and button that a pressure / footsies character has makes for a very fair match up.

    But you're right, MKX had a bunch of flaws too, and I can't even argue that. But at least all it's content was playable in tournament mode. That's my main gripe with I2 and what this thread is saying too. I wonder if in 2 years time when you're playing MK11 and aren't as invested in this one, if you'll look back on it in a similar way and realise it's kinda dull. Dull game breeds dull mindstate maybe you need to sharpen up.

    I upped Smoke and Cyrax content right along with Cyborg and flash content for i2, it doesn't mean I love the game, and I sometimes feel like a lot of the love for the current state of game is just being protective and defensive of what we DO have rather than what we could. I think releasing all gear moves to competitive play is an excellent idea and could really spice up the scene, and is one of the few things that could genuinely get me interested in the game again. Just my opinion
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  17. Temp

    Temp Salmon. Otters. The Bringer.

    Quick disclaimer: I do like the game. I think it's NRS's best to date. But yes, I do think it is as at least comparatively boring to other fighters.

    I mostly play Tekken these days, though I have spent quite a bit of time on SFV. I intend to spend at least a few months on SC6 depending on how things turn out.

    As to why I think the IJ2 is boring, it really comes down to two reasons. One point I've already mentioned is execution. Combos in IJ2 feel like assembling IKEA furniture. Low difficulty is a part of this, but the homogeneous nature of IJ2 combos has a lot to do with it too. This is something personal to me, so I don't want to dwell too much on it, but it unquestionably affected my experience with the game. That said, if you look at MKX, which I've gone on record saying is all sorts of awful, execution happens to be one of the few things that game did right. The difficulty wasn't terribly high, but it was high enough where you couldn't do optimal combos for free, and that made full-punishes feel meaningful.

    The second reason I don't particularly enjoy IJ2's neutral is because the midrange feels very restrictive. Most buttons average between 8-15 frames or more, so you pretty much have to fully commit to any option at jump distance. This just ain't true with Tekken or SFV. You have viable pokes at sweep in Tekken along with plus frame options outside of sweep. SFV gives a ton of characters plus frames on their standing strong, not to mention there are 3-frame lights you can use up close to mix with your confirm strings. This shit just doesn't exist in IJ2.

    ... and that's fine. It's a different game. Some people like the more volatile nature of NRS fighters. I'm also not saying the above is true of every character in Injustice (Beetle breaks the mold in many ways when it comes to midrange). As far as I'm concerned, MK9 had the most enjoyable sophisticated midrange of any of NRS game, but because of bugs, balance problems, and input issues, the game couldn't have long-term viability.
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  18. Marinjuana

    Marinjuana Up rock incoming, ETA 5 minutes

    Great point man
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  19. God Confirm

    God Confirm We're all from Earthrealm. If not, cool pic brah.

    it really is though

    if a community is happy just to HAVE an organized tournament, thats a dead community
  20. Marinjuana

    Marinjuana Up rock incoming, ETA 5 minutes

    It's not the point though, you're just nitpicking
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  21. God Confirm

    God Confirm We're all from Earthrealm. If not, cool pic brah.

    no I'm not

    You said that some communities would dream to have a tournament

    I said that, yeah, those communities are undeniably dead. They don't even have tourneys man

    It's not a nitpick its a counter to the point you were trying to make
  22. Marinjuana

    Marinjuana Up rock incoming, ETA 5 minutes

    No it's just one thing I said, you ignored the point which was that Injustice 2 has an upcoming tournament with a 100k prize pool, which is interesting considering the game is apparently dead. Great discussion!
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  23. God Confirm

    God Confirm We're all from Earthrealm. If not, cool pic brah.

    Because there was only one part of your post that I specifically disagreed with. Why do I have to write arguments for the parts of your post I don't disagree with?

    We can have some nuance here I just thought the part where you said "some communities would love to have a tournament" doesn't really make much sense for your argument, those communities are beyond dead, if you are day dreaming bout a tournament then the bell has well and truly done tolled already. It's like arguing Blockbuster is doing fine because it's got more customers than Civic. You aren't exactly measuring out a very high hurdle. You're welcome to disagree, but I'm not the one struggling to discuss this
  24. ChatterBox

    ChatterBox Searching for an alt.
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    I've watched every honeybee koth with gear, they're really fun

    The biggest problem with spectating this game for me seems to be the way tournaments are handled. We have a very young community and once the IPS started, we just let those be the only tournaments that mattered to us. There were 10,000 of them in the first six months of the game, then nothing all fall winter and spring, then like 5 this year. We didn't support any of the grass roots tournaments that kept our scene alive after MLG mk9 and all through the IGAU era as well. Then MKX had money pumped way into it and we got used to watching the stuff with huge pots, instead of just liking the game. We had a lot of sponsored players for the first time, and almost all of them tried to use the tier list to their advantage (no shade, it's a smart move) so the game looked like a counterpick fest and overloaded with whatever flavor of the week character was hot. I hope next year with no new game announced people find their way back to playing for fun and bragging rights. Whether that's mkx or inj2, both scenes will slowly come back without major support, and then we'll explode when NRS announces something. Hopefully.
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  25. JBeezYBabY

    JBeezYBabY Mr. Righteous

    Then the question is, how do we show support when we're not enthusiastic about the game we're promoting? Its like a job that we're not getting paid for...

    I out when I can by just retweeting competitions, NRS announcements, making threads about NRS news, etc etc. But a very few can only do so much when the game representing the scene doesn't even get US to play it. You know I'm all about support but how do we get errrbody on board is the REAL ?Question mark?

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