Improved graphics mod for Injustice: Ultimate Edition for PC

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  1. You might be right. However I have gone as far as finding out where the move set is kept for each character by using a hex editor or notepad++, I could see all the moves in clear english, exactly the same way as in ssf4 and its bac/bcm files.

    Also Baraa01, I tried it out yesterday with my Nvidia and it does in fact work. Looks amazing.
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  2. Mikemetroid

    Mikemetroid MK Mythologies: Injustice 2
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    I'm sure we can't edit them though to change any properties can we?
  3. Qwark28

    Qwark28 Jacks off to good voice acting

    I don't understand what this is.

    Are the colours on PC that shitty? Console colours look nowhere near the PC comparison version.
  4. Immortal

    Immortal Blind justice....

    PC colors are exactly the same as on PS4. With this program you can just change them to your preferences if you don't like the default ones, nothing more.
  5. Qwark28

    Qwark28 Jacks off to good voice acting

    So PS4 and PC colours are shittier than 360/PS3 colours? I swear both of my consoles and discs have more colour than that but less colour than this mod.
  6. Immortal

    Immortal Blind justice....

    Nah, i would say they look exactly the same as on past gen consoles althou everything is obviously crispier due to higher resolution and has more details. Dunno why it looks so shitty on those pics.
  7. Qwark28

    Qwark28 Jacks off to good voice acting

    Yeah, I called bullshit the moment I saw those pics, you couldn't even tell regime superman had darker blue tights than the regular.
  8. Digit

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    It depends on the settings of your tv as well. I know I can mess with the hue/saturation/contrast on my tv but for the most part, Injustice just has fugly washed out colors.IMO, this mod looks great, it's how Injustice should've looked like to begin with.
  9. Well I'm not too sure. We cant see the values for ssf4 bcm/bac as well as I recall. It's going to take some research to reverse engineer it. That's the only problem we face, because decompressing and compressing it is very easy using already pre-made tools.
  10. heymanjack

    heymanjack Injustice modder

    If you have the pc version and my preset installed you can press the "toggle sweetfx" key to make an in game comparison yourself you will see that the default colors are really lacking and washed out.

    Included in the first post on how to enable SSAO on injustice which highly improves the game's lighting .
  11. xSMoKEx

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    Looks much better with the graphic mod. Thanks for posting! Injustice's default colouring is very lack-luster and this really spices it up a bit. As others have mentioned, it actually resembles MK9 a lot, which I of course like.
  12. Hey.Subscribed to thank you for this.I find this really interesting since the game was really colorless but I think I'd want some less color than this.Do you possibly know what to tweak?
  13. ZigZag

    ZigZag That Welsh Guy

    I didn't even notice how grey the game was until I saw these!
  14. Orochi

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    I'm stuck at this part "click import settings at the profile/sweetfx and click sweetfx_settings" I don't know where this is I have both radeon and sweet fx where the injustice launcher is but my game still looks the same.

    Edit: Got it to work thank you, still not sure if dig it a little too much contrast not sure what it is but very colorful indeed.
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  15. Orochi

    Orochi K i n e t i c
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    Is there a way to edit the settings while in game or do i need to close n restart every time.
  16. HP Hatecraft

    HP Hatecraft I am the beginning, I am the end.

    I wish I had even the slightest idea on modding/programming/coding games. I would be doing everything I could to be making so many skin mods right now.
  17. Mikemetroid

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    The game updated so good luck getting this to work right now...
  18. heymanjack

    heymanjack Injustice modder

    You need to close the game everytime.

    It is gonna work regardless if the game updated or not (if you're using radeonpro) as sweetfx doesn't change any files in the game. It's just a post processing program.

    I've been trying to get skin mods working these past few days and found no way to inject my modded skins into the game. The only method found working was to use the MKKE color editor and even then the effect is just changing some effect colors. But hey the game is still young, we will see some mods in future. I hope lol

    change the vibrance settings or just turn of HDR or just tweak the sliders in the options menu in the game.
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  19. heymanjack

    heymanjack Injustice modder


    Brought out the colors of the game. Sharper, Better lighting, Improved shadows. The game looks so much better now.

    WHAT'S NEW IN 1.3 (Nov 27, 2013 update)
    -unsharp masking
    -better visuals in Themyscira and Metropolis
    -Tweaked colors to enhance both dark and bright stages
    -sharper textures
    -better shadows when SSAO is enabled

    SSAO is an option in Injustice which for some reason was no included in the options menu in injustce. I use this in my game and that's why I enabled HDR in my sweetfx config. To enable this go to

    C: localdisc\Users\Yourname\Appdata\Roaming\Injustice

    and open the options.ini and change the SSAO = False to SSAO = True

    Download links, screenshots and installation instructions at the first post
  20. heymanjack

    heymanjack Injustice modder

    COSTUME MODS ARE NOW POSSIBLE! A big breakthrough by wyruzzah of the mk modding community has discovered a way to make skin mods!

    This is huge. As of this writing I am now making progress in bringing The Dark Knight Rises batsuit and The Arkham Origins batsuit into the game.
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  21. Sweetness!
  22. ZeroYiggs

    ZeroYiggs Noob

    Tried installing it, game doesn't even boot up. Get rid of it and it works, help?
  23. heymanjack

    heymanjack Injustice modder


    Watch in HD! lol

    What did you install specifically? Sweetfx by itself? Injustice and MK is the only game I know that sweetfx doesn't work by itself natively so you need to use, EFX or Radeonpro to make it work.

    EFX + SWEETFX Beta win 8.1.rar


    With the efx+sfx route just place them on the game directory and place my preset there (rename my preset to sweetfx_settings). I personally do not use this as this doesn't work on my computer BUT a lot (and I mean a lot) of people use this with my preset and it works.

    Radeonpro is different. You place sweetfx somewhere else and point radeonpro to the sweetfx folder.
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  24. randomdude

    randomdude Noob

    Will Radeonpro work only with Injustice? And is a Radeon graphics card necessary?
  25. shaowebb

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    Im really new at this whole mod thing. I dont really understand how I install this on my PC copy. Is there a step by step listed somewhere on which files I dump where to do this? Dont want to have to reinstall this whole giant game if I mess something up because I dont know what Im doing here.

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