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Bring them back?

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  1. Undergroundepict

    Undergroundepict I am like the blue rose

    I would nominate the Crust for Red Hood.

    Character knowledge aside (he has it but I don't place much importance on it), I think he has the proper disposition for it. Discusses things fairly, puts in work like the thread he made about punishing Red Hood's trait, and has the proper disposition to not get caught up in forum politics or go on a mad power trip just because he has a few extra privelages on a niche subforum.
  2. The_Tile

    The_Tile Just a sip, and an overhead, and a low, yeah.

    I nominate myself for the Quan Chi forum in MK11
  3. DDutchguy

    DDutchguy Raiden enthusiast

    I think character forum mods could be valuable for cleaning up outdated threads for instance. If a random player wants to make a Combo Thread, they're expected to keep it updated which can be quite a commitment for new members. A character mod could help with that if they were able to edit the original post.

    I'd be fine with moderating the Raiden forum by the way, though I think certain standards for all character mods should be established so we don't get some forums being great while other forums are all bad because of poor moderation.
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  4. I’ll do DS and starfire
  5. Help clean up forums. Archive old unlatched information. Keep new and cheer combos tech updates and stickied.
  6. neveradestroyer

    neveradestroyer Tier hero... lowest tier amazing player.

    I would be the Captain Cold moderator if that's the case. I'm the only one that still gives a shit about the character that still goes around the forums. LMAO
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  7. Eldriken

    Eldriken Apokoliptian Overlord
    Forum General Premium Supporter

    If y'all want forums cleaned up, PM me the threads that need to be closed due to being outdated and what have you.

    I'm not quite sure having the ability to close threads would be given to character specialists because some folks may try and take advantage of it. But until that point is reached and we see what the deal is, feel free to come to me if a thread (or threads) need to be closed.
  8. Ok. Can you go through every single character forum and unstuck all threads with old patch outdated info, update all the combo threads to be current and same with tech? Have fun.

    TAKUMA Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    he is not alone, there is a bunch of mods around here.
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  10. DDutchguy

    DDutchguy Raiden enthusiast

    If character moderators become a thing then they definitely need to establish some ground rules with the admins or a high-profile mod (if high-profile mods are a thing) to prevent this.
  11. Eldriken

    Eldriken Apokoliptian Overlord
    Forum General Premium Supporter

    Why do you think I asked others to just directly contact me if something needs to be updated? I'm not a character specialist throughout the entire cast, so how am I to know what is or isn't current? You're coming off as a wise ass with your response, so if that's not your intention, perhaps you can phrase your "request" a bit better, yeah?

    I'm trying to help clear up clutter because I don't know what privileges potential character moderators will have (closing/moving threads) and am trying to get a jump on what may potentially become other peoples' responsibility.

    I also didn't say anything about updating threads. That would be up to whomever may get picked for this, if it even happens at all. Now, if someone pointed out a specific thread that needed to be updated and provided the information, sure, I'd do it just fine. I have no issues with it.

    Storms and Crimson = admins. A high-profile mod would be me, then below that would be Juggs, Espio, etc and then you have standard mods like TeeJay, CrazyFingers, etc.

    But yes, we'd definitely be regulating them and making sure they're doing their jobs.
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  12. Briggs8417

    Briggs8417 Salt Proprietor of TYM

    I is interest...errywhere.
  13. Linkuei82

    Linkuei82 Live by the sword, Die by the sword
    Premium Supporter

    I really appreciate this man. Thanks for suggesting me. I actually quit being a Forum Moderator over a Sherdog.com a few years ago when I got a job as a Technical support software engineer. The cases and troubleshooting I had to do for our software is too much to also moderate a forum. But thank you again bro.
  14. Skedar70

    Skedar70 Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    What would be the responsibilities of these character forum moderators?
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  15. JBeezYBabY

    JBeezYBabY Mr. Righteous

    Anything that will bring more life to this forum, im all for it. Uncle JBeezY says bring em back! And i think it would be a good idea to just give the Chacracter Specialist enough power to organize/update threads, and sticky threads. OOOOO CHARACTER SPECIALIST should be the title of whatever character they specialize in. Keep it simple :)
  16. Savage8-8

    Savage8-8 Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    I think that's a good idea for now. But the person would have to be active and create discussion as well as have real good knowledge of the character. I believe this would encourage people to post more tech and strategy.
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  17. JBeezYBabY

    JBeezYBabY Mr. Righteous

    The "being active" part is the most crucial thing.
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  18. Marlow

    Marlow Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    If the character mod could just focus on getting things more organized and uniform, that would be nice. It might be too big a project, but even having uniform templates for all characters which the Mods focused on keeping up to date based on discussions within forums would really highlite the value of forums.
  19. The forums were... were the staple of this site. Super active in mk9, i1 and beginning of mkx. The site and those in charge and those in charge of the moderators and the character moderators did not do a good job or see the value in keeping that part of the site organized. Most are unreadable and you cannot discern what data is current or what is old patch/not relevant.

    What were are left with is a lot of drama and shit posting. Hard for those type of players to level up when we do not have the tech monsters posting and leveling everyone up.
  20. Eldriken

    Eldriken Apokoliptian Overlord
    Forum General Premium Supporter

    Which is why I'm asking for other peoples' help so I can try and get rid of unnecessary clutter.
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  21. Dankster Morgan

    Dankster Morgan Good luck getting through the shell

    I dont know if I’m qualified or what exactly a character mod/specialist would do. But I love Sub-Zero and would be willing and would like to help make his forums as good as they can be. They’re barely used in this game and the Sub-Zero forums were horrible in MKX (even though there was some great tech and information, some of the threads were cancer). So if you guys want me I’d love to help out
  22. CrimsonShadow

    CrimsonShadow Administrator and Community Engineer

    There were a lot of good players who shunned the forums openly and moved to character PMs and then eventually Discord around the end of Injustice, heading into MKX. They were talking endlessly about how much better Discord is, etc. So now people are left with trying to find useful information in a chat history going back months.

    If everyone is really going to use the character boards then it makes sense to spend a lot of effort organizing them. But if they'd rather take it to private chats, then it's a lot of effort to continuously straighten forums that don't even have guides or much information, etc. Really, this is up to the community to decide.
  23. Kotal_Wannabe

    Kotal_Wannabe AKA AndyPandy

    I'm not sure I really agree with this. it really depends in who is chosen for the role, and I feel that's too much effort and could cause too much backlash to be worth it. But tbh, all i care about is harley, so if you're gonna go through with it make me mod, or @Mista_Snacks or @TopTierHarley who would both do an equally good job. We need dedicated character enthusiasts, not people who have long forgotten her name or no longer play this game.
  24. STORMS

    STORMS Owner / Director

    Can't just wiggle my nose to make it all sunshine and rainbows. I get it... I do, but as Crimson mentions below, there are other truths and facts to this.

    Very well said. Especially the fact that there is a lot of time involved in getting all of this setup, finding the right people (DEDICATED PEOPLE), etc.

    If it came down to it, we could just have a handful of folks in charge of the Injustice forums in their entirety, instead of one person for every character.
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