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IGN's Rewind Theater featuring Orchid & SPINAL, "Spinal's shield was envisioned from a ship mast"


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If you're one of those people that are excited as we are about the new Killer Instinct details, you'll be hungry to know that Dave from Double Helix gave "some" details on Spinal during IGN's Rewind Theater. In this Rewind they not only walk-through Orchid's game-play trailer and discuss her moves to the frame with detail but that also talk a little bit about Spinal.

While Dave from Double Helix had to be brief with details, he mentions several interesting details (listed below). Did you realize that Spinal's shield basically has moving tentacles?!


  • Spinal's shield is a big part of how he plays
  • His shield was envisioned from a mast of a ship
  • Lots of story behind it with the way it behaves and moves
Check out the Rewind Theater here!
Credit: @DestinLegarie


Hope he has his shield bash back, and it works as a dp, doesn't anti air but is partly invincible to punish bad dashes or bad spacing/footsies.

Also hopes he gets his teleport back, as well as projectile absorption. Regardless he will be my main :D. Jago until Spinal is released, and then Spinal 24/7 :D