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If you have a problem with scorpion's teleport...

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Ya I’m not labbing this garbage, I’m one and done with any scorpion player online. And it’s not like I lose every match against him, it’s just NOT FUN to play against considering the mostly neutral based toolkits of the majority of the cast. NRS makes some confusing character decisions when trying to please everyone.
This is the reason you won’t get good at the game. Sometimes understanding requires a good butt whoopin’ lol.
The cancel? The cancel is only really punishable on a read. Because you have to be blocking in case they do an actual teleport. BUT, there’s some tactics you can use, but are risky. Such as jumping backwards and doing a jumping 2 on the way down. It’s not super reliable but an option, this is tech dating back to UMK3. Like I said it doesn’t cover all options and distances but it works more than you’d think.

Best option other than that is to block and try to react to the mixup after the teleport cancel. Try to Tech the throw or crouch. It’s more of a read type of move for the cancel. But if they go for the teleport you can punish very consistently (if you’re blocking of course) if you practice it, regardless of they amplify or not.
I think on pure read the risk reward factor is slightly better for the defender I guess but it is hard to tell as def meter is important for wake up, too.
If on read you simply do not block just start punishing Scorpion player can not break away and eat full punish. If read is fail and you have 2 def meter (that is when you try the read) you can break away immedately.

The mind game after a successful punish is still a factor.
Always blocking is safe but Scorpion player will be conditioned to get in for free. Scorpion should feel that he runs risk when teleporting. :)
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I guess it helped that 95% of all I played my first week were Scorpions... Lol

My timing is so much better against him it's like a free KB to juggle now.
Bro for real right? THe first Scorp I played bodied me and I felt helpless cause I didn't know the match up. By the end of the night I had played like 10 to 15 Scorps and was over it with the tele. Next day I labbed the punish and I pretty much blow up every Scorp I play now.


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There’s already enough information in this thread to help players out. At this point it’s circular arguments and people repeating themselves or just straight complaining. Like people are now complaining about the CONCEPT of the teleport... So yeah, this thread has ran its course. This thread will remain in this forum but it no longer can be productive.
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