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If you do the character trial tower before owning the character, do you not get the rewards retroactively?

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The Nightwolf trial tower went live today at 11am EST. I played the first tower (Divine Appointment) right when it went live, which was only 2 fights, then didn’t do the rest yet.

However, Nightwolf himself didn’t get unlocked until like 1pm EST. After that, I looked at his customizations, and noticed that I didn’t have any skins or gear unlocked. Only the default skin and alt color, and a single alternative of each gear piece, which I think is also by default. But I thought the first tower had some kind of reward.

So two questions really...
  1. Was there a cosmetic reward for completing the first tower? Can someone check (who hasn’t done it yet) and see what it says?
  2. If there was a reward, am I now SOL when it comes to getting g it?
The first tower had a skin for Frost (Contumacious) and Erron Black (Buckaroo), if you didn't already have them, but no cosmetics for Nightwolf.


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I got the gear before I downloaded NW, and it was there once I installed him. So it should definitely be retroactive. If the tower is still there, trying replaying it.
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