If you could balance patch MK9, what would you do? (NRS PLEASE READ!!!)

Discussion in '[MK9] General Discussion' started by AU_IM_DIGIMON, May 3, 2012.

  1. So...what would you do?
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  2. Derptile

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    Nothing, but work on mk10.

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    Stryker: No Changes . . .

    screw this list ;)
  4. redeyes

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    the wake up attack thing is just no. fuck that dumbest idea i have ever heard.

    i notice you didnt address the meter draining bug either.

    and most of your "changes" are nerfs that make each fighter unique. Kabals has IAGs so what 90% of people know how to get around them now. Dont like resets? dont get caught in them or just break.
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  5. Fix online
    Get rid of negative edge
    Make it so that anyone who rage quits automatically gets babalitied when they lose from then on.
  6. RampaginDragon

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    Shang's dmg boost only lasts fpr the 5 seconds that it normally lasts, but into the second rount. As far as I know, it cant be permenent.
  7. REO

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    - Remove the ability to nomad dash as a wake up.
    - Kabal takes double damage for absorbing an attack with the armor on enhanced nomad dash. Example: 8% projectile would do 16% instead.
    - Remove the active hitbox on saw blade when it is behind Kabal's character model.
    - Delay the cancel frames on 2 when linking a special.
    - Air gas blasts do 4.5% damage on hit and do 1% chip on block instead of 2%. Basically have the damage reduced by half.
    - f+4 reset grounding air borne opponents removed. Give the stun to Stryker's 3 or something.
  8. DanCock

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    the stuff you listed for sindel is silly. the fireball wave thing i wouldnt even use in a high level match..

    however for sindel i would fix the
    1 ~ enhanced Low fireball glitch - where almost half of the time during a match if its used it ends up only doing 8% damage then 25% of the time the second hit will come out randomly during a fight (its too random to be a good thing). just fix it so it always does its max damage..

    2 ~ Armor on enhanced Scream this would fix all of her defensive issues in upclose pressure situations.
  9. Wakeups, free wake ups in this game is the SCRUBIEST SHIT I ever seen in a fighting game. Especially when wake ups have some invincibility frames.

    What's the point of scoring a knockdown in this game, if my opponent doesn't have to worry about my oki/pressure/conditioning.

    Sure I can bait and punish...yadda yadda. But that disrupts my momentum.

    Hell I would prefer if wake ups where GONE entirely. But I suppose if they cost meter...then meh. -__-

    LMFAO nerfs, you mean the (soap bar in my mouth) bullshit that makes MK a snore fest? Good stuff. No.

    I really don't see what else Stryker could benefit from :p
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  10. OutworldKeith

    OutworldKeith Premium Supporter
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    Scorpion buffs:
    - F3 should hit twice and be 9 frames​
    - Generic low pokes should have just as much advantage on hit as the rest of cast​
    - Hellfire should be +3 on hit​

  11. Fireball wave gave Sindel an oppurtunity to maximize damage MIDSCREEN. And granted her unique and more powerful combos. I was devastated to see it go. It was the COOLEST thing in the game.

    I don't agree with armor on anything. Sindel is supposed to keep people out. Most of her moves and normals and combo strings knock opponents away. When an opponent finally gets in, they should be awarded to pressure her.

    Enhanced Scream already has (soap bar in my mouth) range and speed as it is.
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  12. redeyes

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    So watching a Cyrax come back when hes low HP cause he can lands a reset isnt hype as shit its a snore fest?

    everytime i see someone land a smoke reset i get all gitty like a little girl to me its really fucking nice and makes it hype.

    MK is far from a snore fest to me its the best fighting game to watch (imo)
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  13. rev0lver

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    From Digi's post:

    System changes: Disagree with wakeup attacks, dunno about the dial-a-combo... while i agree with it generally our execution will be fucked for at least a month because of what we're used to, disagree with danger icon just because it's a distraction imo.

    Character changes:

    Sub Zero: disagree, he shouldn't get any kind of nerf unless he also got a buff

    Ermac: disagree with damage change, he's fine how he is imo

    Reptile: He doesn't need a nerf on elbow dash. Really, this is just a problem in online lag.

    Kitana: agree on the otg, but why increase recovery of d1? it's already at -15

    Cage: random advantage agreed, but he's fine otherwise. i dont think a change to f3 is necessary.

    Kano: No problem with b2 being faster, but i think his knives should go back to how they were too

    Kabal: Still not completely sure about this idea... yeah his zoning's gdlk but it's not a huge deal anymore imo

    Sheeva: She's fine!!!!! Haha well really, I disagree with full armor on teleport.... then you're completely forced to guess where she's going to land. If one telestomp will kill you and sheeva has full meter.... that would suck so much ass. I don't think a new special move is necessary, but cancelling ground stomp would be fine.

    My other thoughts:

    CSZ enhanced slide should have armor
    Sindel enhanced scream should have armor
    Kitana's xray should no longer whiff up close against pokes and certain attacks (possible same problem with kenshi?)
    Johnny Cage's enhanced shadow kick should have armor the whole way through
    Liu Kang's parry should have the same properties as CSZ's
    Skarlet: Increase xray damage to around 30% (hers is the lowest in the game, correct?)
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  14. To each his own I suppose...
  15. Espio

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    I want to make a list for Stryker...but I don't want to be seen as complaining...eh.

    Edit: Actually I'm going to say it.

    I would really like if Stryker had one fast advancing combo starter that hit crouching, you can pretty much poke Stryker out of all of his normals and combo starters because none start low with the exception of back 3,2 and that move is easily poked and avoided with its very slow start up.

    Stryker is one of the only characters in the game who does not have a fast advancing combo starter(yes even Jade has a fast advancing combo starter in forward 2,1,2.) All of his combo starters that lead to big damage are 16 frames according to the frame data...1 at 10 frames is his fastest combo starter and it leads to less than 20 percent damage, even off of a jump in punch,

    Stryker could actually whiff punish stuff like Kitana's forward 2,1 or elbow dash with meaningful damage as opposed to roundhouse into roll toss for Kitana or 1,1 roll toss for the elbow dash, both of which don't make anyone fear whiffing things on Stryker.

    In the current game, you only ever have to block high against Stryker if he uses back 3,2, which is incredibly slow and easily avoided.

    I don't ever complain about Stryker, but this irks me immensely, and I feel whinny even complaining about it...but seriously:(.
  16. If you want kitana's otg gone, Sonya's 4 otg's, Jade's 4, 3, 12, d3, d4, otg's off a b2, nightwolf's f3 otgs, sindel's fireballs otg, skarlets down knives otg, etc, either keep them all or eliminate them all.
  17. OutworldKeith

    OutworldKeith Premium Supporter
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    AU_IM_DIGIMON Am I the only one who thinks that NRS should've let Sub-Zero keep his Ice Puddle reset? I mean, it cost meter to do it. lol
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  18. JagoBlakeFGC

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    Don't take this the wrong way, guys. But I completely agree with DIGIMON here.

    I too find the concept of invincible Wake-Ups absolutely stupid, especially if they don't cost meter. It gets worse when your opponent's Wake-Ups will work against you every time, but when you try it yourself, the move either doesn't register or it works but you don't get your invincibility, resulting in you getting attacked out of the move. Too one-sided here.

    I want to be able to maintain pressure off a knockdown. I can understand why the Wake-Ups would exist as an escape route, but they should only be invincible with meter to even things out. You don't see specials outside of Wake-Ups having invincibility without meter, so why should it be any different here?

    Another thing I would protest about is the jump-punch. Why exactly does it link into combos off a hit for higher damage scaling rather than a lower one? That's ridiculous. A better route to go would be for the jump-punch to either result in lower damage since all characters share this move, or just make it not link at all. But that's just me.
  19. Enenra

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    Digi NOOOOOOOOO leave Sub alone, and give Scorpion real people pokes.

    Don't nerf characters, just make other ones better.
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  20. rev0lver

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    Oh, I also think Scorpion should have less recovery on a whiffed spear. Yeah, I get it being punishable, but not like -500 punishable.
  21. that's like a huge buff for sonya right there.

    Moar free d4 ms f1 <3 without risking a wake up <3

    Wakeups are needed, if you bait them, you'll punish big, but without them, how would one ever get up, especially with sonya or kabal pressure coming right back at them
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  22. OutworldKeith

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    I love you!
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  23. JagoBlakeFGC

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    I'm not saying to remove the Wake-Ups. Like I said, I understand the need for an escape route. I'm just saying that if they want full invincibility, they need to pay a price for it. That goes for every character in the game, not just a select few.

    You could also bait the Wake-Ups and punish them, that is true. But do you think a smart player will be likely to fall for bait?
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  24. RTM2004

    RTM2004 Mortal Kombat II

    Armored Ex Cartwheel like NRS was going to do but had 'technical difficulties'. Getting trapped in the corner with Sindel and getting D4'd by Sonya AND D4'd by Sub-Zero who hides behind the Ice Clone is a B****! Also to mention Sindel's D1 blows, I got F3'd by a Cage player, yeah she poked him with D1 but he stuffs her next move F3 again. At least with armor on her Ex Cartwheel she can roll on top of him and kick his ass off her (referring to her animation).

    I don't know I really liked 4~Scream unpatched Sindel, and 4~Levi-Cancel is beautifully gdlk <3
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  25. OutworldKeith

    OutworldKeith Premium Supporter
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    I completely agree with wake up attacks costing meter. It would add a great layer of strategy to the game and force players to become better.
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