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If u could choose one past Jade skin to be on MK11

If you could choose one past Jade skin to be a DLC on MK11, which would u pick?

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bye felicia
Shaolin monks. It was tough not to choose the mk3/Deception/9 skin though.
Its kind of a shame that all the guys who did Shaolin Monks are gone from NRS. Hopefully WB has the good sense to lease out the license to some other dev houses now that NRS is gonna be tied up for the next two years.


Fujin and Ermac for MK 11
The one that would trigger those people the most lol. But in all seriousness, I'd vote for MK9 or UMK3
MK9 main is my favorite design. Hair is awesome and i love her mask, i dunno if that was the intention, but the black parts remind me of the fangs of a snake.
My favorites have got to be MK11 Kronika Revenant > MK11 Kombat League Revenant with human skin > MK Shaolin Monks > MK9 Default.

STB Sgt Reed

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@STB Sgt Reed I feel like this thread was made for you
Sorry we've been uber slammed at work and am on mandatory overtime. Just got home.

Anyways, what's this thing about?? lol.

EDIT: Ah I see, it's about the hottest mk character. Well, V, my answer would actually go as such (in order):

MKD / UMK3 (tied)
MK9 Alt
Shaolin Monks


MK2 (get your granny bathing suit out of here)
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