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If Quan Chi is in MKX...


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You're assuming alot here

I played Dink on the regular...... i know the struggle he had. But you also have to understand that you're SEVERELY up playing how much he relies on "gimmicks" to get his meter. Quan wasn't ever out of a match until you actually killed him. He gained massive amounts of meter just by taking damage. Dink would take hits off of the end of block strings to gain a tad more meter and not eat a full combo.

Quan NEVER had to intentionally lose the 2nd round...... he just didn't play with runes.

Quan DID do good damage with just a bar. So if you did have to breaker, you weren't up shits creek.

He just had bad pokes and slow startup on strings. He relied on jump ins and whiff punishing and being SUPER patient.

Don't act like the character was all "Rune Trap LULOLOLOLOLO"

Especially when one of Mayo's video's was basically dedicated to "Using a single bar of meter to close out a round so you could have meter int he 2nd/3rd round".
You are right. You know more than I do.


Man...I can't wait to see if he's in MKX. Should be super cool. Yup.


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Holy Rune Traps, Batman!

I was one of the unfortunate people to play MK9 almost 100% completely online. Playing against a good Quan was... A bit annoying, yeah. Then again playing that game online is annoying just because of input lag, and input bug being more frequent I feel due to it. I feel like Rune Trap is better than it actually is online, just because it's rough to time your pokes accordingly in pressure.

I couldn't tell you what his playstyle was supposed to be like in MK9 without rune trap. Seems like he honestly wasn't thought out very well. I do like some of the things they did with him though, like the powerups and trance. Either that sword he uses in his fatality needs to come back from MK9, or bring back the swords from Deadly Alliance.

I do want to see a bit more of a change in his design. Great design overall, but it says something when people kept making Kratos and Quan Chi jokes even though Quan came before him. Doesn't help they look very similar in MK9.

Also, Keep Calm and WOOLAY! (That needs to be made...)


Wish noobs that never played Quan would stop bitching about his rune trap. Was more broken crap in MK9 than that. Lots of characters could do the same amount of damage if they used meter or full bar in combos.