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Question If MK9 gets 100 pre-reg's, I go to Combo Breaker. (A Challenge, By Dr. Angel.)

If MK9 proved a substantial reason to attend, would you go?

  • Yes, this would alter my 2018 plans altogether.

    Votes: 2 10.0%
  • No, it makes no difference to me.

    Votes: 4 20.0%
  • Kinda in the middle because I was going anyway.

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Kinda in the middle because I'm still not totally sold.

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Tom Brady should un-retire and fight Box's Cyrax.

    Votes: 14 70.0%

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Lt. Boxy Angelman

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I think that if MK9 gets at least 100 pre-regs for Combo Breaker by, idk, arbitrary deadline probably @ end of winter/start of spring, that everyone who's anyone who's ever wanted to be someone should pull a Smash Melee @ EVO and pour into the literal city of the Netherrealm and make this real.

Also, you have my solemn vow - and this isnt a weirdo angle or a rant or a crazy scheme or anything of the sort, this is on my life because its important to me - you have my promise, as a man and a dad and a writer and a Box and a human being, that if at least 100 people pledge their allegiance that they'll show up and fight, that I will put up $500 against @Tom Brady, or in the event he cannot/does not attend, anyone he chooses to fight in his stead, to give me the fight of my life and accept my challenge of a FT7/Unlucky 13-0 Deathmatch, his Sub-Zero or their who gives a fuck who, against my Cyrax.
And if I am victorious, all $1,000 of that pot will be donated to my dead estranged love's mom's nonprofit/anti-heroin/helping the doomed organization. Abbie & Krystal's Angels. And if not, fuck it, 100 bodies for MK9 in 2018 is still incredible.

This is a deathly serious post.
I want to be inspired to fight again.

Let's all be inspired. Together.

God Confirm

We're all from Earthrealm. If not, cool pic brah.
voted Tom Brady should have that grudge match with you that you can hopefully shut up about it


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I vote that grudge match against Tom. I wanna see you faring against Bill's Sub Zero, while I eat pop corn and drink coca cola. Just for fucking hype and fun. ^^