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Idea for next-gen online: Spectator Simulation

Inspired by the NPCs in the background, the immersion created by today's first-person game's graphics, and NetherRealm Studio's constant desire to evolve.

The idea is that online lobbies put you in the shoes of a spectator put inside the game, around the fighting-zone, replacing the NPCs that crowd the background. As a spectator, you would be able to move around, make bets with other players, cheer, plus more (chat, buy drinks, throw tomatoes, go pee, whatever you can think of). You wouldn't always have to be watching the fight, but it would be a main event. For example, in the Sky Temple they're temples. As a spectator, you would be able to walk into them, but not be able to see the fight from inside. And really there would be no point other than for it to feel immersive and real. Hell maybe inside the temple you could play a game of Chinese Checkers; all that matters is that the two genres of Fighting Game and Open World co-exist seamlessly, without limiting one another.

Now imagine how much more dynamic online fights would feel when your in the heat. You'd be able to hear the cheers or boos out of characters controlled by real people. The backgrounds wouldn't be as static, as people would always be in different spots. Maybe this could be another neat way to implement tag-team mode, in which your teammates could place interactables from far-away to in front of the fighting area.

Now the technology for this would have to be pretty damn good if you wanted it to be optimized with the same level of graphics MKX has. If you're familiar with the camera hacks people have been doing for NRS games, you'll know that there are a lot of non-existent surfaces behind the camera where you can't see. These will obviously have to be filled in if spectator simulation is implemented. Also I won't even mention the N word (hint: ping) as we all know is already our bane of our existence.

On one last note, here's something to think about. Has NetherRealm Studios already thought about such an idea? I mean, before we had Mortal Kombat (2011) Krypt, and then we got an even more beautifully detailed one in Mortal Kombat X. One can only wonder what the future holds.


Designer for BxA
This is definitely an idea. I'm still on the fence whether or not it is good or not, the idea itself to have a non static spectator cam of sorts though is very interesting.


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We'd have to get more than just a better netcode to get that work. Probably a new infrastructure or something else drastic. Nice idea though. It'd be an interesting side thing


Designer for BxA
I would for sure be down on the betting aspect of it. something easy to do and what else am I gonna do with all my koins after the krypt is entirely unlocked?