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Idea for new Kollector Gameplay Mechanic

Kiss the Missile

Red Messiah
Kollector is imo the most underwhelming new character in MK11. He has such a unique design, personality and background, but his actual fighting style is as basic as it gets. Knife attacks and generic "green fire" magic. Makes me think of characters like Jax who have their own unique gameplay gimmics with his heated arms, or even Erron Black who has his own UI element for his ammo count. I thought it'd be fitting for Kollector to have some type of "taxation" mechanic. Small bar somewhere on the screen that fills the more Kollector attacks you with his wealth. Attacks like tossing coins fills the bar a small bit, while something like him impaling you with a Gem fills it more. Bar could be tied to a command grab or other type of special move where he "collects" his dues. The more Taxation is on the opponent, the more damage it does. I'm imagining it looking like him slitting your throat and holding his bag under you while your blood fills it up. Really similar to Sun God Kotal where he could stack up levels of his command grab for more damage, or cash it out to heal himself but return his grab damage back to default.