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I think I may have found a picture of Kenshi in the recent MK footage - Pre Trailer release



I did this for a bit of fun and I really enjoyed doing it. Let me know what you think if I am seeing things or not :laughing:


Nice pickup on the Subzero intro. More little easter eggs like that would be nice to see in the movie. Also shows that they're looking at things they can add into it from the game, instead of just using it for story ideas and characters.

So far i'm liking what i'm seeing. A lot of fans like the 90s movie, and it was good for what it was, but it always felt a little budget-ish for me. And i didn't like some of the design ideas they went with. This one, to me least, based on what we've seen i think is looking quite nice. But i guess we'll find out in a few months.


Yo thanks for the positive feedback.

Yeah when I saw the sub-zero intro I was going insane yes I completely agree, I think they'll be a lot more references or hints towards the game in this movie.

The 90s version (1st movie, not about Annihilation ) will always have a place in my heart and I still love the Liu Kang and Reptile fight to today. I'm ready for a new version and cant wait for the trailer. I'll be doing a reaction and then a separate video for looking for stuff incase you'd be interested.