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I need some advice searching openings.


Hi community! After completing all character towers and playing a little with all characters I would like to git gud with Kitana. Just because I love the character, not because she is good or bad...i enjoy only when i play a character i love. I would like to think i'm not a bad player, and i can do a few combos while doing towers and in practice mode. I know KL is another story, but i can't do anything...i play fan fare and i spend all rounds throwing fans and doing square waves...trying to do anything else means i' m uttery destroyed. And i hate to play kitana this way! She has tools i can use offline but i don't know how to do them online. Seems as if all her. attaks are always slower than the opponent. I try 12 , b2, nothing works.. I cant connect b231, no b132 or f234. I would appreciate some tips.

Practice mode. Lab each character against her to see what is punishable and what can be kountered.

As a Noob main, I understand your pain. His entire playstyle revolves around waiting for the opponent to make the first move.


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IF you have PSN, I will add you and we can talk and work it out. ZeroSymbolic7188. ONLY IF YOU ACTUALLY WANT TO LEARN-NO BITCHING.


Thx for the answers. I use practice mode to learn kombos and practice them, but i have not used it for anything else. Is there any way to make the opponent do some string or pattern randomly, i suppose its the best way to learn. Towers are a good way too, but usually i'm better than the i.a and i,'m getting bad habits and overconfidence and some towers have stupid conditions that i don't feel help me improve in anyway. I love towers but whoever though it was a good idea to make you fight with a black screen...well, thats another topic. I would like to know more about practice mode.

ZeroSymbolyc7188, i have PSN. I don't have mic right now and i'm a wifi warrior (i don't want to be, but i'm changing living place and i will solve it). I will add you and maybe we can shedule some matches. I'm spanish but we sure can communicate.

Thx for the answers.


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Question: Have you ever watched a good Kitana player play? It will give you a feel of the flow of her gameplay.


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i play fan fare and i spend all rounds throwing fans and doing square waves...trying to do anything else means i' m uttery destroyed.
First of all, I suggest switching to Highborn, which gives you access to frame traps, chip damage, resets, okizeme, and anti-zoning.

Second of all, there is nothing wrong with tossing fans. In fact, most of Kitana's gameplay revolves around fans. The most effective way to play Kitana in most match ups is slightly outside of jump range where you can toss fans relatively safely, micro dash b+2,3,1 xx razors, anti air easily, jump kick, hit the fatal blow, etc.