I need serious help on what to do after a D1.

Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by musgrave000, Jan 20, 2019.

  1. musgrave000

    musgrave000 Cyrax on rax on rax

    I hate the fact that I have to ask this, and maybe it’s because I don’t have enough friends to play with, but what the hell do I do after a D1?

    This isn’t just MK, it’s Injustice too. Seems to be just NRS games, as I come from Street Fighter.

    A common thing that happens is:
    My opponent does a D1, or D3. I block.
    I reply with a D1 of my own. It hits.
    I go to start my combo, and get counter with my opponents D1!

    What am I missing? What am I doing wrong? This situation has been KILLING me lately. I’m not new and I spend a f*** ton of time watching videos. I can not grasp my head around this. Thank you in advance!
  2. Dayvon

    Dayvon 16

    Watch "MKX Tips & Tricks Vol 1 Confirms Pressure & Throw Psychology" on YouTube

    Basically look at the hit advantage of your down one. What ever the hit advantage is you can use any normal/ special that's faster than that number (it's guaranteed). Go to the lab and practice the timing.
  3. STB Sgt Reed

    STB Sgt Reed Online Warrior

    You have to do a move that is faster than your opponents fastest move plus your hit advantage.

    So if you're +6 on hit (idk what d1's are this is just an example) and their fastest move is 6 frames (their d1) then you have to do a move that's 12 frames or faster. Preferably faster so they have no chance to interrupt you
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  4. Superman Rz

    Superman Rz Superman is fair.

    After a d1, look for mid attacks to follow up so they cant beat your next attack with a d1 of their own. If your doing a high attack after your d1 hits, you got to be really fast or else your high will get low profiled by the poke.
  5. musgrave000

    musgrave000 Cyrax on rax on rax

    Wow, this might be my problem. With Tri-borg, I always follow up with his 1112 combo because it's quick, but the first hit hits high. Looks like I'll need to switch up which string to use. Thank you so much! Can't believe I didn't realize this haha.
  6. You'd want to use something like f43 or f212. Like Superman Rz pointed out, highs are pretty much useless for taking your turn after landing a poke. A word of caution about the f43 though, if your opponent is good, they will neutral crouch the second hit and full combo punish you.

    Also, if you condition them enough to expect your mids, then you can start using your highs.
  7. SonicNinja3532

    SonicNinja3532 The Wannabe Prodigy

    Generally speaking you're better off using your d3 as Triborg, especially if you play Sektor. D1 is only plus 7 so you can't start any high pressure, but you can frame trap with f4 and f2. D3 on the other hand is plus 12 iirc so you can start pressure from your high, which is where your main plus frames come from.
  8. Scott The Scot

    Scott The Scot Where there is smoke, there is cancer.

    Highs can be good to use after a poke if you've conditioned them to respect your mid. At that point you can also just throw them, and keep doing that until they push buttons again at which point you can go back to using your mid and getting a combo etc.
  9. musgrave000

    musgrave000 Cyrax on rax on rax

    Thanks for the video! Very informative. I'll see what I can do with it tonight when I'm out of work. Thanks again!
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  10. Blewdew

    Blewdew PSN: MaxKayX3

    High‘s can work when your frame advantage is good enough to garantuee it, but it can be a rather hard link When you don‘t have a 7 or 8 frame jab. Happens to me too sometimes and it can be annoying but that‘s where you use your mids.
  11. Charybdis

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    If online: do four or five more D1s
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  12. MKB

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    Posted in wrong forum. Moving...
  13. Dankster Morgan

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    After a D1 on throw, use a mid that they can’t beat with their own D1, or just start throwing if they seem to be respecting your mid.
  14. musgrave000

    musgrave000 Cyrax on rax on rax

    Awe damn, I’m so sorry. Didn’t even realize I did that. We can delete the post if needed. I got the help I was looking for.

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