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General/Other - Kenshi I need help landing combos with Kenshi

Alright so to start off I'm new to Test Your Might and I figured it's a good place to start if I want to be a decent player in MKX. The main that I have choose was Kenshi. Other than him I don't think I really know any other characters (maybe Scorpion or Erron Black but don't know any good combos with them)
I seriously want to get good with a character in this game. I've had the game for a month now and I play it casually but now I have a lot of free time at home and when I play MKX I want to get good at it...well somewhat at least. I'm no fighting game expert and I just recently learned the number inputs converted to PS4 (Ex: Down 2 is Down Triangle)
So the real problem here is I watched the Kombat Klass video for kenshi and I said I'll work on the combos for balanced that were shown because that's the variation I main with. Then I went to practice mode and 75% of the time I'm unable to land a combo.
So on 0:42 I decided I'll work on that first, but after they are airborne I can't continue it. I've only been able to hit the entire combo once. So after 44 and with the pause I go for 211 and the 2 doesn't reach half the time. It's like the startup is too slow. Then on 0:57 I get through the ex RK and sometimes the down 3 hits but then the back 12 doesn't come out. I tried to do back 12 on its own and follow with back forward 2 and it works but when I try it with the combo on 0:57 it doesn't. I'm aware it has to be in the corner and I'm supposed to be on the left side to use the inputs shown on 0:57 and I understand there are points where you pause a bit but even if I wait or just put the inputs at regular pace it doesn't work. I do this in practice mode and on the bottom left of my screen where it shows the inputs I'm putting in and they are correct! It frustrates me that I can't do it. Are any of these combos for balanced not working anymore because of the recent update to the game? I had a nasty rage quit about 30 minutes ago because of this. Any help is truly appreciated. I want to kick ass with my favorite character just everyone else I come across online.
in this video are many flashy combos you wont actually use with balanced (especially not online), the best example is 0:57, the d1 into b32 is a pretty difficult link, which isnt used at all in balanced (poor kenjutsu players have to learn it tho). for basic combos, try to stick to the basics:

Punish: 111xx db1(rk) f32 xx bf3(tf)
Bread'n'Butter: (Optional Jump-In-Punch) b1 db1(rk) f32 bf3(tf)
Low-Starter: b32 db1(rk) (Optional, if you cant do it yet, leave it out: Run, 43 xx) bf3
Wakeup: EX db1(rk) f32 xx bf3

Game plan: Zone the fuck out of the enemy with soul pushes, teleflurrys and overhead slices. Save meter for wakeups, breakers or even a cheeky little x-ray, you dont really need it for bnbs. If he blocks too much, mix it up with running in and starting with a low or simply grab


I'm not a good Kenshi at all but I've watched lots of high level Balanced matches. Here's what I've gathered:

-Zone with telefury, spirit push, and overhead slice
-Poke with 111 and F32, confirm into rising karma
-After rising karma connects, run cancel into F32 xx telefury
-Save meter for EX rising karma, use that for wake-up as well

I got this stuff down but still grinding out the run cancels. Probably my only hindrance with playing Kenshi.