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I apologize to the quan community

STB Shujinkydink

Burning down in flames for kicks
My performance at the last major before injustice was less than impressive. I feel i owe it to you all to apologize. I really wanted to give the bony fucker a top 8 before people started with the "injustice is out so MK doesnt matter anymore" crap. I will continue to train and be your quan hero until EVO. I will not counterpick(as i didnt at FR, and still lost to a smoke after a year of training the MU) There must be one. So please forgive me. After EVO im not sure what the future carries for our game, but if it continues, i will carry the torch. Thank you for all your loyal support quan children, as I have a feeling these forums will be lost in time real soon...

Let us W00lay


Shoot them. Shoot them all.
I highly doubt MK9 will be going anywhere...if anything, Injustice is making us appreciate and yearn for MK even more. I mean this in a positive light for both games...