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I am Your Fears Personified- Scarecrow Combo Thread


It's all so very confusing.
Didn't know the sweep could combo midscreen. That's super dirty and I have a funny feeling as we collectively level up and start landing that regularly in real matches.. we may not keep that..that's kinda bonkers off a +OB low. Lol.

So.. Crow has pretty much usurped all my other characters and is about all I play now. This character is just fun.


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It feels stance specific to me, I'm only able to land when they falls backwards after the sweep but not if they fall forwards


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This is really cool. Having trouble landing the d1 after the d3 though, any tips?
I mentioned it in the general discussion thread, it's most likely 1 frame on characters facing the same stance (ie both towards or both facing away from the camera) but if the two characters are in different stances it becomes much much easier.


The highest meterless corner damage off of F3 that I have found is F3, 3 > DB3, D1, D1 > DBF3. Could lead to more damage if there are better ways to follow the 3 > DB3. If someone can land 123 after, it should be like 500 meterless.

I feel like standing 3 has more potential in combos.
If u do s1 instead of d1 it keeps them higher up. I might upload a f3 combo comparison a little later.


Was just going to be comparing 2 versions of the f3 combo, but then I started thinking "How different is db1MB from f3"? Turns out not much. So now this is a short combo video comparing what I think are Crows optimal corner combos.
(Not including fearnado combos cuz I forgot and theyre really simple anyway.)

Personally I'd go with A) over B) if for no other reason than the damage is better & it's a bit more lenient execution wise.

Otherwise, for Raw F3 combos in the corner, since I'm usually at sweep distance I generally approach with F2 xx DB3 ~ D1 xx DBF3.


F21 xx DB3 ~ D1 xx DBF3

Depends on how far away I am honestly.


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The OP has been updated with a few more midscreen & corner options.
Rag, what's the thinking behind using 22 near the end of a combo rather than F21. I've been watching your vids and saw that you're doing this consistently.

Is it easier to input before the grab ender because there isn't a directional input? More damage? Can you get the grab ender consistently regardless of the height of the juggle?

I think it can still hit someone using the air escape, no?
22 Does more damage and is a bit easier. F21 dbf3 can sometimes yield F21 3+4 If you're not careful. 22 command grab will land as long as you delay the J3
Comparison done on Superman:

12 xx db1 (3 spins) MB ~ B3 ~ J3 ~ F21 xx DBF3 = 383.61

12 xx DBF3 = 388.95

11 xx DBF3 = 388.95

22 xx DBF3 = 393.88
Hey hey, thanks to everyone who has put time into this guy and his thread.

Having a tremendous amount of trouble converting anything off of F21. 11 has worked but the timing is so strict that actually using the starter isn't feasible.

Is his timing seriously this strict? Am I doing something terribly wrong? I was looking forward to playing this guy well, but if one of his best strings are that difficult for me to connect I might have to move on.
SC does have some very tight combos, but most of the "optimal" combos have a much easier version to use in actual matches. Since most combo lists are about max dmg, you just have to play around in practice mode.

For the example of F21,this isn't one of his 4 main starting strings, because the first hit technically lifts them of the ground, making some combos whiff.

When I use F21 it's more to poke and harass than to punish with a full combo. I usually ignore the 11 or D2 and just cancel into special. The 3 that hit the easiest for me are bf1(MB for restand), db3, and dbf3. They all have their own uses depending on the situation.

Overall, I think it's very possibly to have a great SC without being an execution monster. Hope this helps!


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Anybody have anything better for max range F3 combos with the opponent in the corner? I usually just see F3 into F21~grab but you can get a ton more damage.

I came up with this anti-interactable combo. Even the non MB F3 and no trait version does over 400.

Can you guys tell me what's the optimal 1 bar/meterless damage with trait ? And what you guys do off of it after you've already done your bnb (like what you go for restands and pressure) and in general trait combos would help
Depends on the situation. I'll either end a combo in the restand and follow with B221 BF2 to keep them standing and in line for more pressure. Or i'll end with B2213 into command grab to cash the damage out.


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I was trying to optimize some of the more situational Scarecrow combo situations and was curious on peoples thoughts on what I was working on.

Air-to-Air (midscreen; the grounded part of these is determined by spacing and the height that contact occurred)

Starter J1/J2/J3 = * ; all air attacks work for all of these options

*, 11xxDBF3
*, 11, F21xxDBF3
*, F21xxDBF3
*, 22xxDBF3
*, 11xxB3 BC, J3, 11xxDBF3
*, F21xxB3 BC, J3, 11xxDBF3

Air-to-Air (corner)

*, 2, 2, 2, 2, 123xxDBF3
*, 11, 11, 123xxDBF3
*, 22xxF3 BC, 11, 123xxDBF3
*, 11xxB3 BC, F13xxDBF3 (takes opponent out of the corner)
*, 22xxB3 BC, F13xxDBF3 (same)