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I am the night: Batman Demo Discussion

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Get your guns on. Sheriff is back.
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For those with the demo discuss your impressions and/or video stuff with Batman from the Demo here.



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Ah hem someone should totally post a nice demo BnB for batman.

i can only get to like 25% using normals atm.


Get your guns on. Sheriff is back.
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I'll say this after using him...do the ankle grab toss move often in your strings. That launcher gets you way more hits and if you catch them coming out of your air stuff right you can bat gimmick them for a few more hits. Dude is a sandbox with those remote bats.

EDIT: Also interestingly enough the cape glide double jump is not simply jump twice. You jump then do a Up Forward or Up Backward. Its kind of like a tiger knee. Its really smooth.

DOUBLE EDIT: Hmmm...his butterfly kick combos into his anti air batarang and a lot of stuff can go into butterfly kick. I think I found a launcher setup there.


Best combo i could do on the wonky Xbox controller is 113 ex grapple 123 jik scatter bomb for like 25%. Don't wanna go to class...


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A fair few of his combos seem to lead to pop-ups, this plus the air grapple/batarang makes for good combo building.

Anyone else think his bats are kind of shit though?


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Is it 12b2? (X,Y,<+Y) that I like, gives you distance to grapple/zone/slide low back in.
L = X for 360 and Square for PS3
M = Y for 360 and Triangle for PS3
H = A for 360 and X for PS3
P = B for 360 and Circle for PS3
~ = Cancel
f = Toward
b = Back
d = Down
u = Up
jb = Jumping Backwards
jf = Jumping Forwards
j = Jumping Straight Up

Combos are numbered and lettered--just numbers are non-meter, if it has a letter afterwards, it's a metered version of the combo.

Overhead Starter vs Crouching Opponent:
1) fH, jfH, LMH, bMH (8 Hits 37%) *You can add 3 hits and 2% damage (39%) by having 3 batarangs on hand and releasing them during the final string of bMH

1a) jfM, LLM~ES Grappling Hook, fH, jfH, LMH, bMH (13 Hits 43%) *Same note as above (45%)

2) jfM, MMH, bH, LMH, bMH (11 Hits 36%) *(38%)
2a) jfM, MMH, bH, MM~ES Grappling Hook, jfM, LMH, bMH (15 Hits 39%) *(41%)

I'll just keep updating this post as I make more.


Hey guys, I know it's a long time I haven't posted, but nevertheless I'm back for Injustice.

I have found a 1 Bar 35% combo mid-screen with Batman. The combo is:

B113, 11~Ex-Sky Grapple, Dash 11, 11~Slide Kick.

I think you might be able to incorporate his Bat traits during the dash part of the combo to get more damage.
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