Hypespotting VI - Pools & Viewing Guide

Discussion in 'World Tournaments & Events' started by Youphemism, Apr 11, 2017.

By Youphemism on Apr 11, 2017 at 6:46 AM
  1. Youphemism

    Youphemism Gunslinger since pre patch (sh/out to The Farmer)

    Preliminary pools have been released for Hypespotting VI! Keep in mind these are subject to change however and will be updated if they do change:

    Please make sure to turn up at least ten minutes before your pool starts!

    Top 8 will receive a portion of the $5000 pot bonus supplied by Warner Brothers!

    Below are the tournament and stream schedules:
    @A F0xy Grampa @Madzin @Azxrath. @Nausea @Themata94 @Deakins @HappyPow @Shaikhuzzaman @Zionix @lordspinalkillerinstinct @IrishMantis @n0rv1s @xZoro @Scott The Scot @Orangutan @Wigy
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Discussion in 'World Tournaments & Events' started by Youphemism, Apr 11, 2017.

    1. SneakyTortoise
      Where's Mantis? I thought he's going?
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    2. Youphemism
      Missed online reg, same with players like n0rv1s, Scott the Scot and Zoro. I'm sure we'll see the numbers go up on the day.
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    3. Jynks
      a, I reading this right... only top 8 of MKx is getting streamed and nothing else?
    4. Youphemism
      Seems like it :/ I'll try and get people to record matches and upload them so people get to see some pools matches if possible!
    5. Scott The Scot
      Scott The Scot
      That profile pictuer tho lol
    6. IrishMantis
      Although as much as I want to blame Nasuea for telling me the wrong date it's my fault for leaving it so long

      Youph will we be seeded or what? :p
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    7. ATP2014
      No Ketchup and Mustard?
      No way i was gonna go just so i could meet and play you damn
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    9. IrishMantis
      I'm still going bro

      Just signing up at the door
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    10. Youphemism
      Don't think you'll be seeded if you sign up on the day I'm afraid
      Ketchup and Mustard will be commentating Injustice 2 show matches at Insomnia instead I believe
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    11. IrishMantis
      Are no worries it's all the same
    12. Nausea

      Can't wait.

      P.S. Sorry Mantis x
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    13. LaidbackOne
      Mantis, are u gonna whore yourself to Ermac this time? :DOGE
    14. Youphemism
      If anyone could bring a laptop/capture card with them to provide a stream for pools matches on the Saturday that'd be great! Or if anyone knows someone who could if you could ask them nicely that'd be awesome :) Don't want to miss out on most of the action!
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    15. 1man3letters
      5 grand pot bonus and only top 8 being streamed....huh? :confused:
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    16. x-azeez
      @Youphemism i hope you can stream the the pools and casual games ... if a stream is not available, can you record the matches and post them later ? ... keep us updated bro.
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    17. xrzxrazor
      I'll try to bring my laptop
    18. xrzxrazor
      oh btw i dont have a capture card tho
    19. Youphemism
      Alright for anyone who wanted to see some Hypespotting MKXL pools we might have a solution. If all goes well we should have a stream going on my channel http://www.twitch.tv/tymyouphemism around 3pm GMT on Saturday 15th! No guarantees but hopefully we can get a stream going :)
      Awesome, bring your laptop just in case then.
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    20. Youphemism
      The pot bonus only contractually obligates them to stream top 8, no mention of pools :/
    21. ATP2014
    22. RyuuJin882
      Good luck to everyone! The passion in the EU is inspiring!
    23. Scott The Scot

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