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Hyper Dragon Ball Z (MUGEN-Based Fighter)


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i played the demo Saibamen are OP, Hercule has no kicks and cant be comboed
Hercule is a joke character for the game, I believe. The rest are legit.

Also, WizzyWhipitWonderful is in on the music. If you haven't heard his CPS2 tunes, check them out. He has a fucking catalog of them, and they are insane.


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Yay, Piccolo and Android 18 made the cut <3.

I really miss playing Dragonball Z fighting games, would love to try this out, looks really good. The dialogue is awesome especially the nod to the final battle with Kid Buu at the end.

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Wish it took place in Dragon Ball but it still looks tight. The last good Dragon Ball game I played was Dragon Ball Advanced Adventure for the GBA.

Need my fix.


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This is not a real game. This is a "what if" scenario that shows what a full DBZ game might look like if the Z2 team had the proper resources.

The vast majority of the characters shown on the select screen will never see the light of day. As of now, only Goku, SSJ Goku, Vegeta, Mr. Satan and the Saibamen are available. Gohan, Majin Vegeta and Freeza are coming... after that, Piccolo was said to be planned but that depends on whether or not Balthazaar is still interested in MUGEN or not.

That said, all the stages and the characters I mentioned from this trailer are available for download in MUGEN and are amazing.

Don't expect any updates on this, because technically this game does not exist.

Is there any way to play mugen games online with others?

The only way to do it is using a program that allows your computer to be accessed remotely. This is extremely risky as it lets the person you link with literally do whatever they want on your computer (like taking control of player 2 in MUGEN)... or rummaging through your files. Even then, it's probably gonna be extremely laggy.
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Was it good for you?
So I'm confused, is this for consoles or can u play this on the internert? If its on the internet....gohan all day!