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human smoke vs sub zero

i played this match prob 20 times today, me being h smoke. i would usually lose cause the sub zero would constantly abuse the slide, and he wouldnt do much else. time actually ran out during one of the rounds cause he would just hold block and then slide. any way to counter this?
When I played against a C. sub player who abuses the slide, I usually try my luck at teleport punching when he does it, but as for the U. sub, I wouldn't risk it due to ice cloning.
Don't take my word for it though, I haven't used H. smoke in a while.


Predict their slide. Hold down, back, and block. As soon as the slide hits you start your combo (with a knee) and they will not slide again or face another 50 plus percent combo.

Other ways to beat U Sub.

Reptile. Keep good distance, forceball, forceball, forceball.

Kabal. If they are going to turtle. Turtle back. When they slide, hit them with an immediate spin after it hits you.

Robot Smoke. When they slide, hit them with an immediate spear.

These are all very easy ways to beat sliders/U Sub.
Put the pressure on him! Run jab like a mug. Neither sub can do much against good run jabs. Usub can't clone if you're close enough. When he slides it'll be BOP BOP BOP BOP and he will continue to turtle or jump away while you continue to run jab!

Or you could just be a dick about it and pick jade. b, f, hk RUSH!

O Juggernaut 0

The only way i see someone having trouble against sliders is if they're playing on the DS where JK's, Slides, and other things are stregthened due to delay and faulty mechanics.

So your best bet is kara jabbbing to bait the slide, then punish.


You can avoid the slide by jumping back/over it. Also, you can start a jump,dial combo and go for some high damage combos from there. Or just block when he does it and punish him with HK,LP.